What does a Resin Bound Driveway Cost?

What does a Resin Bound Driveway Cost?

I’m Sean Scott, Managing Director of Vuba Building Products Limited and here is my latest blog post. We have 24,000 followers on social media and the most common question we’re asked is, how much does a resin bound driveway cost? And the answer is...

1) It depends

Or the more popular answer…

2) About £20-30/m2 for the resin bound materials; double that for installation (£40-60/m2), and about double that again if you don’t have edging or a base (£80-120/m2).

So What Exactly is the Cost of a Resin Bound Driveway?

This article will focus on the ‘It depends’ aspect. And we will first on what exactly are those variables to identifying the cost of a resin bound driveway:

a) What do you have currently on your driveway?

An existing base such as Tarmac, concrete or some other solid bases can be overlaid and will therefore save costs.

If you have a completely failed base, or just some dirt and a dream, you will have to factor in the installation of a concrete slab; open grade macadam or the easy VubaGrid Base for Resin Bound.

Before and After Resin Bound, Resin Bound on Tarmac An old Tarmac Driveway before Resin Bound Surfacing Installation
Resin Bound After Resin Bound After using the 'Vuba Superior Driveway Kit'[/caption]

b) What will the resin bound driveway surface be used for?

Foot Traffic – 12mm

Parallel Vehicle Traffic – 15mm

Vehicle Traffic / Turning – 18mm

The thicker it gets, the more money it costs. For more info, you can read our Resin Bound DIY Brochure, here.

c) Do you want the driveway to be permeable throughout, or would you prefer drainage?

To be permeable throughout you would require an open grade macadam base, or the VubaGrid Cellular Base for resin bound paving. If you’d prefer drainage then you can install a concrete slab and create falls to a drainage point. The VubaGrid option would be the cheapest typically.

d) Do you want UV Stable or Non-UV Resin Bound Resin?

Non-UV is never recommended, but is often installed by ‘cowboy’ installers without the customer’s knowledge. Non-UV is around 25% cheaper than UV stable for the product.

e) Various other ancillaries such as do you want a pattern, a border, would you like the steps rendering, would you like a more expensive blend etc. These all have an impact on price in a less major way to the above.

‘What does a Resin Bound Driveway cost?’ – The most popular question we are asked on social media about resin bound systems.

You can see below some of the Vuba aggregate blends from our Wonders of the World Range.

Examples of Common Driveway Situations and Indications of Cost for the Resin Bound Driveway:

1) I have a cracked concrete driveway that I want to extend and cover in resin bound – what will it cost?

We would recommend to in fill the driveway using the same substrate as is existing. So in this instance you would install a concrete slab to extend the driveway, and connect that to the existing via dowel or epoxied in mesh on the surface. You would then prepare the concrete mechanically to remove contamination and prime using our Polyprime or for weaker substrates, our Epiprime epoxy primer and lightly seed with an aggregate. You would then overlay the driveway using a resin bound system.

Cost = Around £70 per m2

2) I have dirt and a dream, and would like a resin bound driveway. How much would a resin bound driveway cost in this scenario? I would recommend you install our VubaGrid Resin Bound Base and then lay 18mm of resin bound on top of that.

Cost = Around £75 per m2

3) I have existing block paving driveway – what would it cost to cover my driveway in resin bound? On the basis that there is nothing structurally wrong with the driveway, you can overlay the existing block paving with our strengthening and consolidating screed, Basefix. Basefix is a copolymer modified screed capable of application in thin sections. This is applied using a steel trowel, allowed to cure for 48 hours. You can then lay an 18mm resin bound screed over the top of Basefix.

Cost = Around £55 per m2


What should you do next?

1) The first step is to contact our sales team (01482 778897) and get a full specification for what you need. We have no agenda (except to offer you our products!) to push one particular type, or colour, or base or timeframe. We will let you know the full costs of the materials for your resin bound driveway. You can take a look at our resin bound materials here.

2) We would recommend you then order the materials yourself (with Vuba preferably!). That way you can avoid some of the regular pitfalls (more on this in another blog post) customers suffer with ‘cowboy’ resin bound installers:

> You can purchase UV Stable Resin and not Non-UV Stable resin which will discolour

> You can purchase enough material to ensure the driveway is the correct thickness

> You have a full selection of 50 different colours available to you

> We can provide you with a documented warranty of your purchase

> You can pay with a credit card which gives you consumer protection rights

> You are purchasing from a company who has been offering round bound for 10+ years

3) You can then source your own installer; carry out the installation yourself or use one of our Approved Contractors who have attended our training courses and had projects vetted.

Giving a large deposit to a firm who have put a leaflet through your door for ‘materials’ can be a risky decision, and unfortunately, one we know does not always turn out for the best. Let the professionals specify your project, order the materials direct from the manufacture and relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

If you have any more questions about how much does a resin bound driveway cost, feel free to call us on 01482 778897 , email resin@vubagroup.com or come and visit our showroom at Units B3-B4, Grovehill Industrial Estate, Beverley, HU17 0LF.

Sean Scott

Managing Director

Vuba Building Products Limited