Easihold Reviews

About this range

Easihold is a range of Pour On, Spray on and Hand Mix patented resin binders for fixing loose garden stones with minimal effort, fuss, cost or odour. 

Easihold is available in the following formats:

Easihold Pour On - Pour On Resin Binder
Easihold Spray On - Resin Spray for Loose Stones
Easihold Mini Spray - Mini Resin Spray for Houseplants
Easihold Hand Mix Kits - Stone and Resin Binder Hand Mix Kits

And we have the following decorative aggregates:

Natural World Rock - Decorative Garden Stones
PotStars - Decorative Plant Topper Stones

Make sure you're buying Genuine Easihold
The Easihold water based stone binding resin system was invented by Vuba and is subject to 2 Patent Applications. Be sure that you are buying a genuine Easihold stone binder when purchasing Pour On Resin Gravel Binder.

Easihold is formulated using advanced resin technology, and manufactured using a water based technology. 

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