Meet the Team

  • Aaron Scott

    Contractor Relations

    Aaron loves developing relationships with contractors; giving our leads to our Approved Contractors and joining in with the running of most of the courses. Universally loved, Aaron is one of the most popular members of the Vuba team!

  • Helen Dixon

    Office / Course Manager

    The Fundamentals Course is Helen’s baby, she goes the extra mile to ensure the day is valuable for all who attend! And when she's not talking to attendees before, during or after - she is giving the office an injection of enthusiasm!

  • Jana Kramerova

    Logistics Manager

    Jana has a real enthusiasm for ensuring our fantastic products are delivered on time, and is in constant contact with our customers. When she's not managing Vuba's logistics, she's managing her own - travelling to more than 20 countries worldwide!

  • Callum MacInnes

    Head of Digital

    Callum manages all under the umbrella of Vuba's online and digital presence. Once upon a time 'Full Stack Big Mac' was a professional wrestler.

  • James Purdy

    Finance Manager

    James is a fantastic recent addition to the new look Vuba team - bringing a professionalism and analytical edge that the company has really benefited from. James' legend with numbers is so revered that when he sleeps, the sheep, count him.

  • Katherine Barr

    Order Process Manager

    Katherine Barr, famous within Vuba for her keen eye for detail, loves to work her way through our ever growing customer orders, ensuring we meet customer expectations each and every time! Otherwise Katherine is a loving mother and keen fashionista!

  • James 'Moz' Morris

    Warehouse Manager

    Moz is the overall manager of the Warehouse and Trade Counter. A great chap who has managed to survive in the North as a proud southerner...there's a Game of Thrones reference in there somewhere!

  • Mike Grey

    Production Manager

    Mike is a savant of all Vuba products. When Mike isn't elbow deep in a range of chemicals, he is usually discussing football tactics with good friend Scott Mayo. Mike hopes to be a big part of new product developments from the Vuba team.

  • Ellisha Bradley

    Goods Out Manager

    Ellisha has recently joined Vuba and now has a hand in making warehouse operations silky smooth. Ellisha is a new addition who has made a fantastic impression on the team so far, and has a very bright future!

  • Scott Mayo

    Sales Manager

    Scott is a graduate of the lower ranks of the Vuba echelons. Scott, who has a close working relationship with Production Manager Mike, loves to be hands on in all aspects of the company - recently travelling to Chicago and Northern Ireland as part of the team.

  • Jacob Hartley

    5S Manager

    Jacob is tasked with ensuring Vuba achieves production efficiencies at every step. Jacob is a quiet member of the team, but comes to life during our company organised fitness training sessions!

  • Shelly Ashley

    Social Media Manager

    Shelly is regarded as having the greatest telephone manner known to mankind, and could motivate a sloth to run a marathon - her energy is infectious! She also hosts a variety of taxidermied animals in her living room.

  • Ben Brooker

    Technical Director

    Ben has spent his full career involved in resin flooring and surfacing systems. A new Dad, Ben is usually drinking a coffee trying to manage his hectic lifestyle when he's not helping to take Vuba to new heights!

  • Sean Scott

    Managing Director

    Sean is a Director and Founder of Vuba, back in 2009. Sean loves to see Vuba go from strength to strength, contributing through the innovation of new marketing leading products. Outside of work...there is no outside of work for Sean!