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Established in 2009, Vuba has become a leading manufacturer of resin bound systems in the UK and the world. Not only do we formulate and manufacture all of our resin products on site, we also directly source washed and dried aggregates for use in resin bound systems. 

A Genuine and Ethical Manufacturer
We manufacture a range of aliphatic polyurethane resin binders, for use in the encapsulation of natural aggregates. These are tested to BS-2782. Our Ethos is:
> Best in Class Quality
> Lowest Price
> Ethical Products

Best in Class Quality
The Paving Expert said of our Resin Bound Range ‘In my humble opinion….the best product is the resin bound range from Vuba’. This review was based on attending The Landscape Show 2019, where we also were nominated for The Best Product 2019.

Lowest Price
Best on price for the highest quality products. We offer 7.5kg UVR Resin Kits from £41.999 up to £47.99 depending upon quantity. How can we do this? Because we manufacture resin and sell directly the contractor online and on our telesales line. We are the only manufacturer of resins that directly sources our resin bound aggregates also.


What Can You Lay Resin Bound on?
What Can You Lay Resin Bound on?

But the fact that resin bound surfacing is a thin section screed (12 to 18mm) and can

What does a Resin Bound Driveway Cost?
What does a Resin Bound Driveway Cost?

I’m Sean Scott, Managing Director of Vuba Building Products Limited and here is my latest blog post

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