Easihold Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Easihold Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Welcome to our Easihold Frequently Asked Questions post! We've taken these from our Amazon page and what we receive through our sales@easi-hold.com email on a daily basis.

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We hope you find these questions and answers useful. We understand this is a new concept, and you have many questions. So if you don't see the answer to what you want to know below, then use the email address above and get in contact!

Will Easihold darken the stones / give it a wet look?
Easihold dries clear (but is milky in large quantities) and will not change or add a colour to your stones. However, Easihold will bring out the natural colour of the stones - which is often interpreted as a change in colour. If you want to see how Easihold will change the colour, you can add water - the final result will be similar!

Will stones treated with Easihold support garden furniture?
No, and certainly not any furniture with isolated point loads. For wider loading bases it might be possible - but would be a case of trial and error.

Does Easihold work on mulch?
Yes, it does!

Easihold on mulch

How long after application can it rain?
The longer Easihold is left to dry, the better. Ideally Easihold would have 48 hours of good weather to dry in - that will give you the optimal result.

Is this product UV Stable?
Yes, Easihold is completely UV stable.

Is the product flammable?
No, Easihold is a water based product and is not flammable.

If you don't use it all, how long can you keep it for?
The shelf life of Easihold unopened is 12 months. Once opened, we would recommend to keep it in a cool, dry storage place.

Will it work if the stones are dirty or silty?
No, this contamination will stop a good bond being achieved between Easihold and the stones. We would recommend to wash the stones first and allow them to dry.

Do you have to clean the gravel first before using Easihold?
If the gravel is dirty then yes. The gravel doesn't have to be perfectly clean, but a hose to clean away the worst of it would be a good idea.

How many square feet does Easihold cover?
Using the Pour On method you would be able to cover 5m2 (53 square feet) in one coat, and 10m2 (108 square feet) in one coat of the Spray application.

Will Easihold work on a patio?
Easihold will work on a patio which isn't to receive furniture. Easihold is great for occasional walking and light traffic. But for a busy patio, or a patio with furniture, we would recommend our Resin Bound Kits.

Will Easihold hold up in the Winter months?
Easihold is a water based product, and therefore should not be fully submerged in water for long periods of time because it will begin to break down. Therefore it's important that Easihold is applied on to surfaces with draining capabilities. It is possible to top up Easihold annually.

Shoe kicking stones

Can you use Easihold on a driveway?
You cannot! Easihold is not suitable to receive vehicle traffic.

Is Easihold SUDS Compliant?
Yes, Easihold leaves the stones entirely permeable and SUDS compliant.

Do you need a specialist spray gun for Easihold?
No, Easihold can be applied using a standard airless sprayer.

Can you jet wash the stones after treating with Easihold?
We wouldn't recommend to jet wash, that would be quite a lot of pressure directly on to the stones. But can clean with warm water.

Easihold 3L sprayer

How long will Easihold last on my stones?
It would depend on your usage. A good application, on to a free draining stable base would be expected to last 24 months. We would recommend to top up annually.

What size diameter stone would you recommend for Easihold?
We would recommend between 4mm and 10mm diameter for the best bond. But you can use stones up to 15mm and still achieve good results. Even larger stones can be bonded if clean and angular, but we wouldn't recommend for any foot traffic.

Would Easihold be suitable for a 20mm aggregate?
Easihold is perfect for stones 4mm to 10mm in diameter. Larger stones can still be bonded successfully, but the strength is reduced for larger stones and so we wouldn't recommend for walking on.

How long do I have to wait after the first coat?
Easihold is air drying so it is important that you do not over-saturate the area being treated. Leave the first coat to dry for 24 hours or until fully dry before applying a second coat.

Would Easihold work on slate chippings?
Easihold will bond slate chippings, but because of their size, it would only be suitable for decorative purposes - we wouldn't recommend walking over.

What depth will Easihold work on?
Easihold is effective down to a maximum depth of 25mm. 20mm depth is generally the best depth for stones when treated with Easihold.

Does Easihold create a wet look?
Easihold provides a protective sheen, but doesn't create a wet look. It would be more described as a matt / silk sheen.

Does it leave the surface permeable?
Easihold coats the stones in a thin film, and leaves the stones capable of being penetrated by water as normal.

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