Easihold™ Spray on Stone Binder

The Revolutionary New Stone Binder for Decorative Stones in Plant Pots, Watering Cans, Displays and everywhere inbetween - both inside and out!

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1m2 (Single Use)
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200ml (1m2)

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200ml (1m2)

Easihold™ Spray is a revolutionary new stone binder (patent applied) designed to hold in place decorative stones in plant pots, watering cans, displays, and anywhere else your imagination takes you! 

Easihold™ Spray is perfect to use with our Potstars Decorative Stones. Potstars is 1kg bags of decorative stones, washed and dried ready for use, which can be held in place using Easihold™ Spray. 

Easihold™ Spray can be used in conjunction with other washed stones, and works both internally and externally. 

Easihold™ Spray is a water based, none harmful product. The stabilised stones remain permeable for watering. 

With Easihold™ Spray you can bring real plants back in to your home. No worry about pesky pets or children knocking them over, your stabilised stones will prevent any unwanted soil dramas!

Easihold™ Spray is 200ml in size. It is container within a spray bottle. 

The spray bottle has a safety catch which has to be disengaged prior to use, as well as a seal on the nozzle. 

Each bottle is designed for Single Use Only. So ensure all of your stones are ready to be stabilised!

Each bottle of Easihold™ Spray is capable of covering up to 1m2 of decorative stones. Please note, the spray bottle is designed for Single Use Only, so please ensure all of your plants are ready to be sealed!

Easihold™ Spray is designed to be sprayed on to decorative stones, as follows:

1. Clear a depth of approximately 20mm in your plant pot or container.
2. Pour in your decorative stones (We recommend Potstars Decorative Stones)
3. From 4-5 inches distance apply Easihold™ Spray. Ensure to protect any plants, pots and working areas. Easihold™ Spray is a highly durable product and difficult to remove when dry!
4. Allow to dry for 6 hours to touch, and 24 hours for full dry.

Remember that Easihold™ Spray is a Single Use Only product, so ensure all the stones you plan to stabilise are ready for a one time application!

If you have more to do, you can always buy another bottle!

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More Information
Prod Name Easihold™ Spray
Size 200ml
Composition Spray Bottle
Appearance Silk Sheen
Thickness 5mm Penetration
Drying Time 6 Hours: Touch 24 Hours: Fully Dry
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