White Epoxy Floor Coating in a Photography Studio - Time Lapse!

White Epoxy Floor Coating in a Photography Studio - Time Lapse!

Epoxy Floor Coating

Our range of epoxy coatings are used the length and breadth of the country, Europe and even the World! So when a local photography studio purchased some paint from us, we had to take the opportunity to watch our product in action! The client initially ordered Upol body filler, to repair the small cracks and imperfections in the existing floor. At that point Wesley arrived with our paint, ready for action!

Epoxy floor paints are very popular in photography studios. We've supplied the studios behind the Next catalogue, Tesco Online and numerous other smaller locations. Epoxy floor coatings are popular choices for photography studios because they are versatile - they look attractive, are easy to clean, and to cope with the variety of different types of usage a studio may receive, from heavy lifting products to hyper active children!

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Epoxy Floor Kits

And epoxies are not as complicated as you think! In fact, because they cure by a chemical process instead of air drying , they can be easier to use. An air drying product may need 2-3 days to cure, and if applied too thick even longer, whereas an epoxy will dry overnight in most scenarios. The tricky bit is the mixing process! But all the paints are supplied in two pre-weighed parts. It's as simple as pouring the little tub into the big tub, and away you go! Our application Epoxy floor kits contain paddles that go into any standard drill, and act as a perfect whisk.

Once the paint is mixed, it's important with an epoxy to pour it our and use straight away. The more epoxy paint there is in a single mass, the fast it will cure. That is because of the heat generated from the curing process will increase the curing process exponentially. Mix the paint, pour the majority out into a paint scuttle or onto the working area and leave a little in the tin for cutting in - you can't go wrong!

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Generally speaking, we recommend medium pile rollers. And using incorrect rollers is a common DIY'er mistake! We sell our medium pile nylon rollers at a discounted price to encourage our customers to use them! Rollers designed for painting emulsion will shed into the paint if used with an epoxy.

The pot life of our high build paints like Ultracoat, Epoxyshield or EP Shield Supreme, is around 45 minutes. If you'd like even more time, around an hour, I'd suggest one of our water based epoxies such as Hydracoat Original or Hydracoat Naturale.

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So long as you have everything planned, it's very much within the reach of a conscientious DIY enthusiast to make a very good job of an epoxy floor! There's a few easy points to run through as a checklist before any project:

  1. Is the subfloor suitable? We can help with that if you call us on 01482 778897. But generally speaking, concretes and screeds are fine. If your concrete is brand new you may want to use our liquid damp proof membrane, or one of our water based paints.
  2. Have I ordered enough paint? There's a regular debate between 1 coat and 2. We say if you're planning on applying just 1 coat, make sure you use a primer first to seal the surface. The primer will ensure you get a good coverage out of the 1 coat of epoxy.
  3. Use the right paint in the first place! There's a lot to choose from, but at Vuba we keep it pretty simple. Single packs for light usage or for a rejuvenation, two pack paints for anything requiring long term use in regularly trafficked environments.
  4. A friend in need! It will make your project run a lot smoother if you have a friend to help mix and cut in the paint while you spend your time on the roller. Just make sure you're not too strong for your own good, like Wesley in the photo above!
  5. Correct drying time - you can consult the datasheet for this. But generally speaking it's overnight between coats, and a full 24 hours before foot traffic.

Now, enjoy our time lapse video of the coating application being applied!

Any questions or you'd like to order, give us a call on 01482 778897, or email me at sean.scott@vubagroup.com.

About the Author:

Sean Scott

Managing Director of Vuba Group Limited

Youngest member of FeRFA Resin Flooring Association Technical Committee in 2007/8.