Bound Monthly - February #2

Bound Monthly February #2 Supply, Charity, Lorries & the BBC!

Bound Monthly #2 - Guaranteed Supply, £6.5k Raised for Charity, New Lorry and New Recruits, Feature on the BBC and more!

Here's our second update of the newly named Bound Monthly. It is uncertain times in the industry and we hope to keep you updated with both our latest news and some insights into the market!

  • GUARANTEED Next Day Supply for 6 Months & Price Rises
    We've seen Europe's largest manufacturer of raw materials for use in resin bound surfacing declare force majeure last week - adding fears of another year of shortages like 2021. 

    We're happy to say the announcement does not impact our supply chain, and we have guaranteed stock for a minimum of 6 months delivered next day. We want our contractors to be confident they can deliver on their projects and will support them as best as we can. 

    Prices are still rising for now. But I think we will see the worst of these increases over the next 2-3 months and then we can expect prices to stabilise and eventually drop at the end of the year. 

  • We've Raised £6,500 for Our Charity in our FIRST MONTH!
    Last week we took part in the 1st of 6 challenges we are undertaking for an extremely valuable local charity called Dove House Hospice. 

    The Vuba team braved freezing conditions, gale force winds and a 40km hike and climb to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in just over 12 hours. Really big well done to those who took part, and thank you to the 220 people who have donated almost £6,500 to our cause on Justing Giving. Link here! You can donate to our page here - anything is appreciated. 

  • NEW Vuba In-House Transport - 1st Lorry Arrives NEXT WEEK!
    Something in the pipeline for awhile at Vuba HQ, and we're super excited for it's arrival. We have some pretty cool number plates as well, ready for trucks #2 and #3! We have a dedicated transport manager and all of this investment is to ensure on time deliveries, in good condition every time. 

  • Resin Bound Training Courses - Perfect for your New Recruits
    Our Fundamentals training course is really popular, and for good reason! We put a lot of effort in and we think we really teach a lot about our products. Our last two courses we had employees of very experienced contractors attend so they can learn the key fundamentals of resin bound. Great for apprentices, and would be pleased to see you on one of our upcoming training courses

  • Vuba Resin Bound on BBC's 'Your Garden Made Perfect' 
    We've had a few mentions on the TV in the last 12 months, our most recent being on last weeks 'Your Garden Made Perfect' on the BBC. Great feature for us and also for resin bound on this project - a rising tide lifts all ships. 

  • Myth Busters - This Month it is Marble (again)! 
    This might become a regular feature! I mentioned last week about some suppliers trying to win quotes by misleading their customers about coverage rates. Well, this week we have some false claims about our marble aggregates (again!). 

    There is a supplier who a) sells marble and b) has blends with as much as 50% marble and claims this blend is suitable for 'driveways'. The same supplier also emails our customers to tell them marble is not suitable for resin bound surfacing! 

    But of course it is, and we have done by far more rigorous and extensive testing on the matter of aggregate strength than anybody in the industry (from what is publicly available). 

    We have exclusive rights on our marble products, which I believe is the reason behind a lot of this type of comment. Enough for now, but this topic may have it's own newsletter post soon!

  • NEW RECRUIT - Excited to Welcome to our New Financial Controller

    New recruit Adam Stephenson is a CIMA qualified Finance Professional, who is joining our team as Financial Controller. We're delighted to have Adam on board, and believe he will bring a lot of energy and experience to our management team.

    Adam is currently working as Head of Finance UK and Netherlands for £50m turnover Packaging Design company SGS&CO, having worked his way up from a Finance Apprentice at 18 years old. 

    "I'm excited to make the move to VUBA and to bring the skills I've learnt so far in my career to help the business succeed, thrive and continue to grow.

    The company has a fast, vibrant, exciting atmosphere and I can't wait to become part of the team." Adam Stephenson

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. I appreciate the people who replied from my last newsletter, and look forward to chatting soon! 


Sean Scott
Managing Director