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York Acorn VT (Vehicle Traffic) is a cheerful bright aggregate blend that will intensify when used in large areas, but it is always dignified and never garish.

This blend is suitable for vehicle traffic and available with a 15 year warranty. See our Downloads tab below for more product information. 

This is a Trade Kit, 105kg in size excluding resin, and is designed to be applied at 18mm thickness. At 18mm each kit will cover 3.5m2.

100kg Aggregate, 5kg Binding Quartz & 7.5kg Resin Binder (optional) / Each kit covers 3.5m2 per kit
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Vuba resin bound sample cases

With cleaner aggregates, a broader range of greys and fantastic tones and shades, it is easy to understand why Vuba has a repuatation of the largest and most desireable colour range in resin bound surfacing.

Product Info

The York Acorn VT Sample is available in 3 formats.

90mm Diameter Disc:
The sample is applied in a 90mm diameter petri dish. This sample enables you to view the colour of the stones but is limited in size. These samples are available in 1-3 days.

Larger Sample:
250mm x 170mm in size (15% bigger than A5). This is a larger sample capable of providing a greater indication of the colour over a larger area. These samples are available in 5-7 days.

Customer Sample Case Sample:
Select 24 samples to create a custom sample case and we will place all selected samples in a handy carry case, and post out to you. Suitable for Trade Customers. Also see our ready made sample cases.

you need to

Each kit covers 3.5m2 at 18mm thickness. 18mm is the minimum thickness required for vehicle traffic.

Each VT kit supplied comprises the following:

4 x 25kg Aggregate = 100kg
1 x 5kg Vuba Binding Quartz
1 x 7.5kg Vuba Resin Binder (optional)

Select the optional Valtex Resin Binder if you would like a complete resin bound kit. You will require a forced action mixer to correctly mix this product, please see guidance in 'Installation Advice'. 

Sean Scott, Managing Director

We have commissioned the largest and most wide ranging series of independent tests in the resin bound industry. The meticulous and detailed tests, explained in detail below, form part of how we create the systems you can view on this website. I hope that this information provides reassurance you are working with the most advanced, tested and robust materials in the industry. 


There is no British Standard within the Resin Bound Surfacing industry, which has meant over the years Resin Bound - a robust and attractive paving solution, has not achieved the aesthetic look or the longevity that it should. 

The vast majority of the resin industry will boast of test results obtained from a 3rd party 'white label' product, with little to no proprietary testing being carried out.

Even the few genuine manufacturers, however reputable and diligent, will typically carry out testing in isolation. Be it the resin binder, or the aggregate.

We are the only manufacturer of finished resin products who also source and develop new aggregates within Resin Bound Surfacing in the World. 

I believe the testing we have carried out over the last 2 years on our resin binder, the aggregates we source and the combined systems has been more comprehensive, more exploratory and more relevant than any testing done in resin bound to date.

To support that, we have published independent test results for resin binder, aggregates, and aggregate blends - more details below. Results for this product are available in the downloads section on this page. And more general results are available in the Datasheets and Brochures section of this website (from the top nav).

Resin Binders: Valtex Resin Binder has been independently tested to ISO 527-2 for Binder Tensile Strength, Elongation Strength and Shore A Hardness. 

What does this tell us?
 Tensile Strength is the maximum stress the binder can withstand while being stretched or pulled without breaking. Elongation is a measure of the ductility of a material as determined by a tension test. Shore A Hardness, more associated with soft rubbers, is a test for hardness and also used as a benchmark to compare resin binders.

How does Vuba perform? Excellently. Indepedent test results show our Valtex binder to be comparable or superior to all resin binders in the market, and far superior to many 'white label' products.

Aggregates: The aggregates contained within this mix have been independently tested for their LA Abrasion Coefficient to BS EN 1097-2: 2010 - Annex B; and Particle Density and Water Absorption in accordance with BS EN 1097-6: 2013 Clause 8. 

What does this tell us? The LA Coefficient is the most commonly adopted testing procedure worldwide for establishing suitability of aggregate used in concrete, bituminous construction and asphalt pavements for road surface treatments. Particle Density and Water Absorption are both key components in determining interaction with the resin binder. For example, a more absorbent stone will require more resin, a more dense aggregate will require less. 

How does Vuba perform? The aggregates we source perform excellently, and the products we believe not to be suitable are on the lower end of the performance scale. These results confirm our historical decision to not offer some of the standard popular industry aggregates such as 'Silver Grey'.  

Aggregate Blends: Determination of cube strength in accordance with BS EN 12390 - 3: 2009. Determination of coverage rate by testing of Density by water displacement BS EN 12390 - 7: 2009. 

What does this tell us? The strength of the overall system! From these results we can observe the inclusion of a binding aggregate (6.25kg Sand / Quartz) will increase the strength of resin bound surfacing by 42%. Or that the reduction in size of resin from 7.5kg to 6.5kg gives an average reduction in the strength of a resin blend by 19%. These types of results are not available from testing resin and aggregate in isolation.

How does Vuba perform? We put in place certain parameters for our products in 2018 which deviate from the industry standard. We only offer a 7.5kg Resin Binder, and we only offer resin bound surfacing for vehicle traffic with the inclusion of a binding aggregate. The results indicate that these are hugely important factors to the strength of resin bound, and vindicate our decision.

Before application of a Base for Resin Bound Surfacing, such as Asphalt, Concrete or a Cellular Grid, there should be in place the correct Sub-Base. This would be a minimum 150mm depth of well compacted Type 1 or Type 3 granular crushed aggregate to BS EN12620. 


Open Grade Asphalt / Tarmac (RECOMMENDED):
Asphalt should be open grade, applied at 60mm overall thickness and with a stone diameter of 14mm. The surface should be left to dry for 48 hours before overlaying with resin bound surfacing. Rainwater will flow through the permeable Valtex Resin Bound System, and through the open grade binder course. An integral drainage system is not required. The bitumen binder of asphalt concrete must have a PEN value no greater than 100/150.

Concrete bay proportions should be ideally 1:1 and not be greater than 3:2. Open bay joints are likely to cause cracking in the surfacing and formation should be prevented by application of an epoxy primer and quartz seed coat. An epoxy primer and kiln dried sand slurry mix can be applied in wider joints. Bays should be linked with steel mesh reinforcement, or if already in place, a surface grade mesh should be embedded in the surface using an epoxy bedding coat. 
Ensure that the concrete has a minimum design strength of C35 and that the concrete has a minimum compressive strength of 25N/mm2 before the surface is prepared, in accordance with BS 8500-2:2015. Ensure that falls are in place to an adequate drainage system when applying to an impermeable concrete base. Water will flow through tresin surfacing and run across the concrete surface.

Cellular Grid (VubaGrid):
VubaGrid should be filled with well compacted 4/10mm graded crushed aggregate to BS EN12620. The in-fill aggregate must be compacted to ensure the profile of the cellular grid is still visible, and capable of bonding to the resin bound system.

Overlaying Existing Surfaces:
It should be recommended in almost all cases the preferred base for resin bound surfacing is Open Grade Tarmac, as per the specification above. However, it is possible to overlay existing hard paving surfaces such as Concrete or closed grade 'wearing course' Asphalt / Tarmac. Concrete instructions as per the above. We would not recommend to overlay surfaces such as block paving or flag stones. It is important to ensure the front of a driveway has a 'toe in' cut to ensure 18mm of resin bound is finished into the perimeter, and not 'feather edged'. 

Mixing Resin Bound:
Suitable Mixing Equipment: Large Pan Forced Action Mixer (Such as a Soroto 100L). 

1. Scrape all of the contents of Valtex B Component into the oversized Resin A component container and mix for 90 seconds. Accelerex catalyst may be added at this time dependent upon the required curing time. 
2. Simultaneously, add 4 x 25kg bags of aggregate (largest to smallest) to the Large Pan Forced Action Mixer. Do not allow the aggregate to rotate dry for more than 90 seconds (duration of time it takes to mix the resin). Excessive dry mixing forms dust which can result in shading.
3. Pour the mixed resin into the large pan mixer, begin the second timer and mix for a further 90 seconds. 
4. When the resin has folded into the aggregate (approx 15 seconds) add the 6.25kg bag of fine aggregates. 
5. The overall mix should take approximately 90 seconds + 90 seconds = 3 minutes. Scrape the mixer clean after 3 mixes. The maximum mixing time should be 4 minutes. 
6. Each full mix will produce 2 x wheelbarrow loads. These should be taken and poured into the sledge or on to the working surface immediately. 

1. Ensure the resin bound mix is spread to the correct depth using a Spazzle or a Resin Bound Sledge. Set the mix out at a slightly increased thickness to your application thickness, and compact during finishing. 
2. Finish the surface with a suitable float at right angles to the spread of the material. A solvent such as Xylene should be used to clean the trowel during application. Ensure thorough compaction during application - a double handed trowel such as the Resin Bull will aid compaction. 
2. If required for added slip resistance, immediately cast Crushed Glass onto the top surface of the wet resin and aggregate, at the rate of approximately 0.1kg/m2. Ensure even coverage to prevent a patchy appearance.
3. Allow to cure and open to traffic as advised depending upon temperature. 

Further Guidance:
1. Use Accelerex resin bound catalyst for increasing the rate of curing where the temperature or weather conditions are of concern. Recommended for application in temperatures of less than 15oC. 
2. Ensure you have all materials required for your project prior to commencement. Read the Blend Instructions provided, and set each mix out in order. 
3. Mark on the working surface where each mix should be applied to to aid correct coverage rate. 
4. Ensure you have scheduled to apply your resin bound aggregate system during a period of suitable weather for both application and curing time.


More Information
Product Range Classic Colours
Size 100kg Trade Kit w/ Binding Quartz (Resin Binder Optional)
Los Angeles Coefficient LA32
UV Resistance / Stability UV Stable
Hardness (Shore D) 90 Shore D
Tensile Strength (MPa) 9.1 MPa
Gasoline/ Diesel Resistance Yes
Minimum Application Temp 5oC (Recommend Accelerex for 15oC or below)
Maximum Application Temp 25oC (In all circumstances)
Suitable Substrates Recommended Optimal: 60mm Open Grade Tarmac 14mm Stone Dia. Alternative: VubaGrid Cellular Grid, Concrete, Alternative Hard Paving Surfaces.
Recommended Thickness 18mm
Curing Schedule Guide 4 Hours Gel Time, 24 Hours Pedestrian, 48 Hours Vehicle
Suitable Resin Binder Valtex Resin Binder
Brand Vuba
Coverage Rate Guidance 3.5m2
Aggregate Type Quartz
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