VALTEX Resin Bound Binder

Resin Bound Binder or use with Dried Aggregates. 

VALTEX is an Award Winning UVR Resin Binder. Our Binder is High in Resin Content and Manufactured to an Industry Leading Performance and Strength Formulation.

VALTEX is suitable for use with all standard washed and dried aggregates. Such as our own Vuba range, Long Rake Spar, Daltex etc.

Two Sizes: 1.88kg (For Use with 25kg Aggregate + 1.56kg Binding Quartz) and 7.5kg (For Use with 4 x 25kg Aggregate + 6.25kg Binding Quartz)
Coverage Rate
When Combined with Aggregate: 1.88kg = 1.22m2 at 12mm, 1.03m2 at 15mm, 0.89m2 at 18mm. 7.5kg = 4.86m2 at 12mm, 4.12m2 at 15mm, 3.56m2 at 18mm
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1.88kg UVR VALTEX BINDER = 1 x 25kg Aggregate Mix

7.5kg UVR VALTEX BINDER = 4 x 25kg Aggregate Mix

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1.88kg UVR VALTEX BINDER = 1 x 25kg Aggregate Mix



7.5kg UVR VALTEX BINDER = 4 x 25kg Aggregate Mix

What is VALTEX?
VALTEX is a polyurethane resin binder. Polyurethane resin is commonly chosen as a binder for it’s fast cure times, high abrasion resistance, flexibility and toughness. All qualities which are perfectly suited as a stone encapsulation binder for both internal and external applications. Chemically, VALTEX is a blend of high grade Polyester Ester Polyols and Aliphatic Polyisocyanate. 

Why Choose VALTEX?
The grading and formulation of VALTEX is engineered to yield an extremely high performing stone encapsulation binder. VALTEX has been formulated using traditional technology as a basis, and applied our wider knowledge and experience of industrial resin systems to create a truly industry leading binder in abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and usability. 

We have the following types of VALTEX resin binder available to purchase, which are suited to different types of resin surfacing application. 

1.88kg Resin Bound Resin Kit (UV Stable)
7.50kg Resin Bound Resin Kit (UV Stable)

Each of our resin binders have been formulated by Vuba, and extensively tested for longevity and usability.

All of our resins that are to be used as a final surface finish are UV stable. We do not sell resin binders which turn brown or yellow as standard. Most manufacturers / distributors will charge a premium for UV resistant - with Vuba it is our standard grade.

Each type of resin has a designated use, and is formulated as such. If you have any questions about the use of our resin binder, I would recommend you contact our technical department on 01482 778897. 

Vuba Valtex Resin Binder is a UV stable product manufactured at our Vuba home in Beverley, East Yorkshire. We supply these binders in two different sizes - 1.88kg or 7.50kg. 

Our 1.88kg Vuba Resin Binder is to be used with 1 x 25kg aggregates, whilst our 7.50kg Resin Binder is to be used within our Valtex 4 bag contractor kits & mixed with a force action mixer. 

Aggregate Size and Blend

For driveable resin bound systems to be used with VALTEX Binder, we would recommend the following system specification:

1 x 1-3mm 25kg Aggregate 
3 x 2-5mm 25kg Aggregate 
1 x 6.25kg Binding Quartz 
1 x 7.5kg VALTEX Resin Binder

The aggregate should be angular in form, washed and dried, and not containing excessive levels of dust. If not using a driveway approved blend from Vuba, please contact us with Stone Hardness and Resistance to Fragmentation values for the stone to be used. Suitability of stone does not necessarily ensure a successful outcome. The performance of the system is affected by the matrix of stones.

Thickness and Coverage Rate Guidance

The recommend thickness for a resin bound screed should be the greater of the following values:

15mm for Light Duty Usage (Pedestrian)
18mm for Medium to Heavy Duty Usage (Vehicle)
The largest stone in the mixed multiplied by 3. For example, a 6mm stone mix will require an 18mm thickness. 

Working and Curing Times

Working time is classified as the amount of time allowable with the mixed resin and hardener, without the flow and workability becoming seriously comprimised. 

Our Valtex Resin Binder once mixed (part A&B) has different temperature dependant worktimes. The working time is increased at cooler temperatures and vice versa. Please view our downloadable dastasheet for more information. 

Temperature also plays its part in curing times once resin bound has been laid. The ambient temperature for resin bound to cure is between 5oC & 25oC. If below or higher than these temperatures, the resin binder will struggle to bond and the curing process shall be delayed until ambient temperature is reached again.

Mixing Guidance

1. Scrape all of the contents of VALTEX Resin Bound Surfacing B component into the larger A component container and mix with a slow speed drill (≤ 450RPM) and MR2 paddle mixer attachment for 2 minutes. Overmixing will increase heat generation and reduce working time.

2. Simultaneously, add 100kg of aggregate to the Large Pan Forced Action Mixer, Baron 120 Litre Capacity Mixer or similar approved. Followed by addition of the 6.25kg Binding Quartz.

3. Allow the aggregate to begin mixing and immediately add the mixed resin to the aggregate in the mixer until all the aggregate is evenly coated with resin. Mix for approximately 3-4 minutes. Overmixing will increase heat generation and reduce working time.

4. Discharge the mixed resin and aggregate onto the prepared surface, level and smooth. Ensure to compact to even firm composition.

5. Finish the surface with a suitable float. Vuba Solvent should be used if required.

6. If required, immediately cast Crushed Glass onto the top surface of the wet resin and aggregate, at the rate of approximately 0.1kg/m². Ensure even coverage to prevent a patchy appearance.

7. Allow to cure and open to traffic as described in the Curing Time tables on our downloadable datasheet.

Further Noted Advice

1. Regularity and consistency of mixing times is essential to prevent shading within your VALTEXTM Resin Bound System. Excessive mixing, especially of dry stone, will result in darker shading.

2. Ensure you have all bags required for your project prior to commencement, and ensure you have sufficient material by marking coverage per mix on the surface. It is imperative to not run short of material.

3. Ensure you have scheduled to apply VALTEXTM during a period of suitable weather for both application and curing time.

4. Contact Vuba for further advice regarding VALTEXTM if you have any hesitations or doubts.

Important Notice:
The date named by Vuba Supplies for delivery is given and intended as an estimate only and Vuba Supplies shall not be liable to make good any damage or loss whether arising directly or indirectly out of a delay in delivery. Deliveries are made using a reliable nationwide carrier. Although over 99% of consignments arrive on time, we recommend that no labour is employed to undertake work until materials have arrived on site.

Delivery Time:
We send out all orders on a 24 hour service. The cut off point for same day dispatch is generally 12pm, so please contact us if ordering in the afternoon and require urgent dispatch. Some products may be made-to-order or out of stock and therefore take longer to process. In these instances you will be notified by telephone. 

UK Delivery Costs (Excl. VAT):
£0 - £100: £15.00
£100 - £250: £20.00
£250 - £500: £30.00
Over £500: FREE

Islands and N Ireland Delivery (Excl. VAT):
Add £5 for Isle of Wight (standard delivery)
Add £10 for Northern Ireland (standard delivery)
Add £25 for Scottish Highlands (standard delivery)
Add £30 for Scottish Offshore Islands & Channel Islands (standard delivery)
Add £65 for Isle of Man (standard delivery)

We can deliver to anywhere in the world from our factory in the UK. Please see our International Sites or email for a quotation.  

All deliveries are fully insured without additional charge to you.

Order Tracking:
Contact us on the specified delivery date in your order confirmation. For most orders we will send a tracking number with the order confirmation.

More Information
Prod Name Vuba Resin Binders
Size Various
Composition Acrylic and Polyurethane Resins
Appearance Typically Clear or Milky / Creamy
Availability Stock Items
Product Parts 1 or 2 Parts
Technical Data Please refer to specific product datasheets
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