Vuba Semi Flexible UV Play Binder Kit (Playbound)

UV Stable Resin Binder for Playground Rubber Crumb Surfacing
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4.5kg (Two Part Kit)

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4.5kg (Two Part Kit)

Playbound is a UV Stable Resin Binder designed to bind together Rubber Crumb Granules to create beautiful Play Surfacing!

The unit size of Playbound UV Stable Resin Binder is 4.5kg.

Playbound Resin Binder is supplied in a two part resin unit. Both parts are pre-measured, ready to pour the 'Part B' into the 'Part A' and mix using a drill and paddle.

Each 4.5kg unit is designed to be used in conjunction with a 25kg bag of EPDM Rubber Granules.

The ratio of resin to rubber ought to be 18% for surfacing, and therefore you should be careful to not add too little or too much rubber to this resin binder.

Playbound resin binder is a two part product and therefore requires mixing. Here is the process you should follow:

1) Pour together both parts of the unit, and mix until homogenous using a drill and paddle. Times will differ but this will usually take 90 seconds to 2 minutes.
2) Once mixed, pour the homogenous resin over the top of your rubber mix in the forced action mixer.
3) Rotate the mixer and ix until fully blended.