Want to Repair or Renew your Resin Bound Driveway? Here's how...

Want to Repair or Renew your Resin Bound Driveway? Here's how...

"I have a 5 year old resin drive that was beginning to look very tired with lots of loose stones, Vuba recommended their Vuba Resin Bound Sealer. My drive now looks a Million dollars again,I can't fault this Vuba - highly recommended"

- Norman Stevens, Vuba cusomter.

Although we no longer offer the pre-mixed sealer to keep our factories safe from storing flammable products, you can easily create your own with our Vuba Resin Bound Binder and some white spirit, purchased from your local DIY store! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your own, tried and tested rejuvenator.

Norman had an existing driveway which he jet washed and left to dry prior to application. He taped up the edges to stop resin from discolouring his blocks, and off he went! 

The edges are applied using a paint brush, and the main areas are done using a medium pile roller. The kit is mixed using a drill and paddle after pouring the Part B tub into the larger Part A tub. 

And here's the finished project! In Norman's own words, his resin driveway was now back to like new! 

There are lots of uses for the sealer, from fixing problem driveways to helping provide more slip resistance. Let's take a look at the 6 reasons to use our sealer on your driveway. 

1. Failing Resin Bound Driveways and Pathways 

Vuba Resin Bound Binder with white spirit creates a high strength polyurethane resin sealer, and as such will strengthen the surface of the resin bound screed that it is being applied to. The sealer will not be able to prevent degradation of a system which has lost its structure entirely, but will strengthen driveways and pathways with signs of wear and tear and give many more years of enjyoable use. We'd recommend to apply this sealer before significant wear and tear damage is experienced. 

Customer: Matt Jackson

"Used Vuba Resin Bound Sealer on a drive that's been down just over 6 years and had lost its shine and had started to see loose stones. It now looks like new again, and totally solid. Next doors next."

2. Moisture Damaged Resin Surfacing 
Where moisture such as reain comes into contact with resin bound surfacing prior to it fully curing, the hardener component will react away leaving a weakened resin bound surface. This can be overcome in the short to medium term by creating and applying the sealer. The sealer will provide additional strength and stability. Please note you may have to sandblast any 'foaming' that may have appeared prior to application of this sealer - once you have sealed the resin bound surface it will not be possible to remove any marks.

For surfaces that have been damaged, you can contact our expert technical team for advice prior to treating the surface. 

3. Old, Tired and Worn Resin Bound Surfacing
Preparing your own Vuba Resin Bound Sealer will enhance and rejuvenate old and worn resin bound driveways, bringing back the original vibrancy of the stones. This sealer is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your resin bound driveway after years of use. Be careful to ensure the resin surfacing is fully clean before application. 

Customer: Paul Milligan

"My resin bound driveway which is 7 years old, started to fade and lose its lustre about 18 months ago. After ordering sufficient rejuvenating resin to cover 120 square metres, then power-washing to clean, then waiting almost the entire month of May for some decent weather, I put the rejuvenating resin down exactly as prescribed with a 12" medium pile roller. The result is a driveway that looks more or less as it did when originally laid... and it has already drawn compliments for passers by

4. To Help Create Uniformity after Patching etc.
Patching of resin bound surfacing can create distinctive lines between new and old resin bound. By rejuvenating the existing resin bound surfacing, preparing and using the sealer will help to create a more uniform surface across a driveway. Lines will still be visible, but the overall difference in appearance will be reduced. 

5. For Additional Anti Slip (using Crushed Glass as well)
It is possible to apply your sealer and scatter on Crushed Glass to provide improved slip resistance on the resin bound surface. This can be great for old worn surfaces, or for new driveways and pathways which don't have sufficient grip for the customer. This is an easy and simply solution which also provides additional strength for the resin bound surface. 

6. Cracking Filling in Resin Bound Surfacing
Once you've prepared your sealer the mixture can be brushed on to cracks to help maintain the integrity of the resin bound surface. Cracks can start to open up more and more as time progresses, and will be be a weak point for the entire driveway / pathway which will worsen with time. Application of the sealer will help to prevent cracks worsening and ensure that any cracks don't become trip hazards. 

You can buy our Vuba Resin Bound Binder here, grab some white spirit, and get started. 

Alternatively, give us a call on 01482 778897 or email sales@vubagroup.com for help and advice! 

Thank you, 

Sean Scott
Managing Director