Anti Slip Additive for Paints and Sealers

Anti Slip Additive for Paints, Primers or Sealers
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Vuba Adsafe is an anti slip additive which is designed to be suspended in paint, or broadcast onto whilst tacky. The anti slip additive provides a perfect non slip finish to your paint coat, in a wide range of environments from schools, domestic steps to abbatoirs and warehousing forklift truck routes. Adsafe is designed to be used with our range of single pack and two pack epoxy paints to create a safe, none slip floor painted finish.

Adsafe is either used as an additive within the paint coat itself, poured into the paint or Resin A (depending on type of paint) before mixing, or alternatively, the paint is scattered on to a tacky coated surface and back rolled in. Please see instructions below for 3 methods. Mix in Paint: Pour the pre-weighed anti slip additive (typically 5% of paint by weight) into the paint or the Resin A, and mix using a slow speed drill and paddle until the anti slip is fully suspended in the mix. If there is a delay in application time, be sure to remix the paint to ensure the additive remains fully suspended. Apply by Scatter on a 1 Coat System: Broadcast the anti slip additive on to a coat of paint whilst it is still tacky (tip: use spiked shoes) and whilst still tacky back roller the coating the cover the anti slip additive with a layer of paint. Apply by Scatter on a 2 Coat System: Broadcast the anti slip additive on to the tacky paint as above, but this time allow to cure. Once the first coat of paint has cured, sweep off the ecxess and seal over with a second coating to seal in the anti slip additive. Generally speaking, the anti slip is added into the paint for lighter duty applications; back rollering used for medium duty and the two coat broadcast system is for heavy duty applications.

We recommend scattering your anti slip paint additive directly into the first coat of paint as required. Leave to dry and sweep off any excess additive before sealing in with a second coat. Alternatively you can pre-mix the anti slip paint additive (250g per 5kg paint) thoroughly and apply your paint coating as normal.

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Prod Name Vuba-Adsafe
Size 250g, 500g or 1kg
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Brand Vuba
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