What stones to Use with Easihold Stone Binder

What stones to Use with Easihold Stone Binder

Welcome to our blog post about what stones are best to use with our Easihold stone binder! 

We'll start with choosing the right stone...

Not all stones are suitable for Easihold application. Stones between 4mm and 10mm in diameter work great, and even a little bigger can be fine for decorative stones use. Stones above 15mm are too large to be bonded at all using Easihold binder. 

This photo shows a bag of Flamingo stones around 25mm in size. These would be too big to bond using Easihold, or any other stone binder for that matter! There is just not enough surface area in contact with other stones to gain the strength required for a surface. 

Here is an example of the same Flamingo stones, but this time in a smaller grade. These are available in 3-8mm diameter on the Stone Warehouse website. See link, here. These would work great with Easihold, and in fact all Pebble Dashing stones found in this section of the Stone Warehouse website. 

And most hardware shops will stock a 10mm aggregate which will be suitable for Easihold. Here is a 10mm gravel from B&Q. In addition to stones you can buy from the web and in hardware shops, we have our own range of decorative stones - these are perfect for use with Easihold. The stones are 4-6mm in diameter, screened, washed and dried. We import them exclusively from Europe, and the range contains some fantastic cream and grey marbles.

You pay a little more for this level of preparation, so it's up to you which way you decide to go! To give you an idea of costings, we've priced up the various aggregates mentioned including VAT and Delivery (for online purchases) for an estimated 20 bags delivered to an average post code. 

Vuba decorativbe aggregate (25kg) - £13 per bag including VAT & Delivery 
Pebble shading stones from Stone Warehouse - £10 per bag including VAT and Delivery
10mm Gravel from B&Q - £2.47 including VAT (Collection)

It's also worth checking out if you have a local qaurry - aggregates can be collected at great prices, and they often have a wider selection. Builders merchants usually have a relationship with the local quarries so you could always try with them. Remember you're asking for an angular stone 5-10mm in diameter! Can be a little bigger if not using for walking over. 

Once you have your stones...

Not all stones you purchase will be ready for application, in fact most are covered in a silt deposit. 

Make sure to wash the silt and other debris away from the stones prior to use. Once clean, you can let them dry and apply your Easihold! Just remember, stones as shown in this bag are too large for application with Easihold.  If you’re using existing stones, try to remove any dirt or debris prior to application, and leave them to dry before applying Easihold.

A couple of good examples....

Here we have 8mm Ice Blue garden stones chppings - incredibly popular for gardens recently. Here we have chosen the smaller size, to suit the application of Easihold. Ice Blue is also available in a larger sizes. 

This diameter is perfect to work with for Easihold! 

The below photo is a White Marble, 8mm diamater available from Stone Warehouse. Perfect for plant beds and plant pots - we love this colour! 

Thank you for reading our blog about the best types of stone to use with Easihold - hope this helps!