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Vuba Collaborates with Mark Wright: The Perfect Finish for the Wrighty Home

At Vuba, we take great pride in our celebrity partnerships. These collaborations offer us an opportunity to work with incredible influencers who share our passion for quality and creativity. One such collaboration that has left a lasting impression on us is our recent project with the renowned former TOWIE star and television personality, Mark Wright.

From the very beginning of the project, Mark's friendliness made the collaboration a truly fun experience to work with him. 

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A Bespoke Blend for Mark's Vision

Mark had a clear vision for his driveway. He was quite drawn to the appeal of the darker blends and wanted a finish that would exude class and sophistication to align with their picturesque home. Understanding Mark's preferences, we worked closely with him to create a bespoke blend that would be tailored to his unique taste.

Our team handpicked the aggregates to achieve the precise colour and texture Mark had envisioned. The result was a stunning, custom blend that perfectly complemented his home’s aesthetics and conveyed the timeless charm he desired.

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Working with the Best: Flex Flooring and TGS

To ensure that Mark's vision was executed flawlessly, we teamed up with our trusted partners, Flex Flooring and TGS. These Vuba approved contractors share our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and professionalism. Together, we brought Mark's dream driveway to life.

We travelled down to Essex one sunny morning whilst Mark and Michelle were preparing for the event of the year “Marchella”, a housewarming to celebrate the renovations undergone for the perfect property. 

The collaboration among Mark, Vuba, Flex Flooring, and TGS was a seamless blend of creativity, expertise, and passion. It reaffirmed our belief in the power of partnerships to achieve outstanding results. And Mark didn't just sit back and watch during the installation; he got stuck in! Trowelling side by side with the contractors - he may have found his new craft! 

A Lasting Impression

Our collaboration with Mark Wright on his resin bound driveway is a testament to what can be achieved when creativity, passion, and dedication converge. Mark's friendly nature, hands-on involvement, and eye for design made this project a memorable experience for us.