Epiprime - Epoxy Resin Two Part Primer

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Epiprime is an Epoxy Resin Primer supplied in two pre-weighed components, ready to mix and apply.

Epiprime will penetrate and consolidate a substrate, as well as leave a film thickness. Epiprime is ideal for removing porosity and increasing strength of a substrate.

Epiprime provides a bonding surface to create a monolithic layer between the finishing coating or screed and the subfloor.

Epiprime is available as a 5kg Two Part Epoxy Primer Kit and covers 30m2 in one coat on to a standard concrete surface.

Each Kit consists of Two Parts Weighing 5kg.
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5 Litres (30m2)

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Epiprime is an epoxy primer and sealer designed to seal and protect almost any surface. Epiprime can be used as a standalone product to prevent dusting, or as a primer to seal and prepare substrates ready to receive levelling screeds; paint coats or trowel applied resin bound screeds. 

Epiprime is a low viscosity solvent free epoxy primer which is designed to absrob into the existing substrate, curing stronger than concrete itself, sealing effectively to prevent the potential of bubbling through to the final surface finish.

This epoxy primer will seal air pockets in the subfloor to prevent bubbles and pin holes in the final finish of your levelling screed or coating. 

Epiprime can be applied and laid over whilst tacky to give an incredibly strong bond for resin mortars which have a dry mix. 

This epoxy primer can be laid on to a smooth surface and seeded with a fine aggregate to provide a profiled surface, perfect to provide a mechanical key for any subsequent layers of coatings or screeds such as Resin Bound Surfacing.

Epiprime is supplied as a 5kg kit. The two parts are supplied pre-weighed ready to mix. 

Each Kit will cover approximately 30m2 in one coat on a fairly good condidition substrate. A maximum of 40m2 could be achieved on the perfect surface, or as low as 1/2 of that on a profiled or uneven surface. 

For garages and smaller areas, we would recommend allowing to 25m2 (for cutting in, roller absorption etc). 

Epiprime should be applied on to a clean, dry surface which is free from contamination.

We recommend to apply Epiprime on to a mechanically prepared surface for optimal results. Suitable preparation would include acid etching, diamond grinding or shot blasting.

For resin bound surfacing, surface are typically prepared in the event of significant contamination preventing a bond between the epoxy primer and the genuine substrate.

Epiprime is supplied as two pre-weighed parts. Simply pour the Part B into the Part A and allow to mix for approximately 2 minutes until the liquids are mixed thoroughly.

Epiprime is applied using a brush and roller. Once the mixing has taken place, you should spread Epiprime from a scuttle. A Medium pile roller is typically most suitable, depending upon the application.

Epiprime cures from an exothermic reaction, so the more primer is kept in the same place like the tin, the less will be the pot life. Spread the primer out once it has mixed and begin cutting in / rolling

Once applied, allow Epiprime to cure for 12-16 hours at 20oC, and longer for colder temperatures.

Epiprime is typically part of a system which carries a warranty. For more information please contact us directly.


More Information
Size 5kg
Minimum Application Temp 5oC
Maximum Application Temp 25oC
Suitable Substrates Concrete, Epoxy Resin, Plywood, Tiles, Paving
Recommended Thickness 200 microns
Curing Schedule Guide 12-16 Hours at 20oC
Brand Vuba


Can you prime metal or wood?
Yes, Epiprime has excellent bonding properties, and will bond to most surfaces including wood, metal, concrete and asphalt. Epiprime can be applied on to surfaces which are unsuitable for floor finishes, acting as an intermediary layer to enable the a

How far does it go?
Epiprime covers up to 6m2 per litre, depending upon the substrate. For example, a porous coverage will abosrbe much more of the epoxy primer than a metal surface for example.

What is seeding the primer?
Seeding the primer is where you apply a washed and dried aggregate on to the wet primed surface, such as a kiln dried sand or bauxite, which then cures into the primer. This creates a profile and a mechanical key for screeds being applied over the pri

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