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Vuba Catalyst is a diluted Dibutyltin Dilaurate, designed to speed up the curing process of two part polyurethane resin systems. 

Vuba Catalyst should be used with un-catalysed resin bound kits. The addition rate depends upon the temperature - please consult our Datasheet for advice on catalyst addition at different temperatures. 

Using un-catalysed resin and Vuba Catalyst gives complete freedom to the experienced contractor to speed up and slow down the curing process to suit the project, the temperature and to reduce the risk of issues such as rain water damage. 

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Vuba Resin Bound Catalyst is supplied in a 200ml container. Using an average of 10ml per mix, each 200ml container will last for 20 mixes of resin bound surfacing. 

Ideal for experienced contractors, Vuba Catalyst is a must have for complete control of your resin bound project. 

First you should check the ambient temperature for the day using weather apps. Surface temperatures can be higher and so it is also recommended to take a reading of the surface temperature using an Infrared Thermometer.

High surfaces temperatures should be taken into consideration when deciding upon catalyst addition, reducing as necessary.

Addition Rate:
Add Catalyst in accordance with our datasheet recommendations as a base. However, catalyst addition does not have to be a constant throughout the laying process, and small changes will not make a difference to appearance.

We would recommend to reduce the catalyst addition as you progress to the hottest part of the day, and you can increase towards the end of your project as these kits will have less curing time than those laid at the start. Just ensure you do not shorten the pot life of the kit too much.

Pro Tips
Tip 1 - A pro tip is to put part of a mix on to the lid of a Part A tub and observe the curing profile. You can reduce the amount of catalyst if you believe it is curing too fast, or increase if you believe it is not curing fast enough.

Tip 2 - Do not be afraid to dispose of a mix which has the incorrect amount of catalyst addition. A mix curing too fast will not be able to knit into the following mix, leaving an unattractive join leave. As you become more familiar with Vuba catalyst these changes and additions will become easier and easier.

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More Information
Alternative Names Catalyst, Resin Bound Catalyst, Cat
Size 200ml
Suitable Resin Binder 2 Part Polyurethane Resins
Brand Vuba
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