VanGuard HD


VanGuard HD is a 100% solids high build epoxy floor coating, based on advanced resin technology.

VanGuard HD is chemical resistant and highly abrasion resistant - perfectly suited to busy manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Available in 8 standard colours and in sizes 5kg or 25kg kits. 25kg kits are only suitable for experienced users. 


First coat: 3m2 to 4m2 per kg. Second coat: 4m2 to 4.5m2 per kg.
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Epoxy Floor Coating

VanGuard HD gives instant professionalism to workshops, warehouses or production facilities. Easy to clean, bright and robust - our epoxy floor coating is the perfect choice for your flooring project. 

A FeRFA Type 3 Product, VanGuard HD is the most robust type of floor coating available and provides a fantastic, easy to clean and professional surface for a wide variety of industrial environments. 

Highly Abrasion Resistant
100% Solids, Solvent Free
Anti Microbial Grade Available
Excellent Adhesion Properties
Low Odour & Low VOC

Workshops & Warehouses
VanGuard HD is a long lasting, attractive and professional epoxy floor coating designed to set a high standard in industrial environments.

Production & Manufacturing
VanGuard HD is robust and available in both anti slip and ‘Food Safe’ anti microbial grades to suit heavy duty manufacturing and food production facilities.

Domestic Environments
Epoxy floor coatings have become increasingly popular for their highly abrasion resistant and glossy attractive finish.

5S, JIT & Lean Production
A gloss, attractive, professional and easy to clean floor surface is an important part of any production and warehouse plan.

Each VanGuard HD colour is available in 5kg or 25kg. 

The coverage is dependent upon the coat (first or second), if there is a primer application first and the porosity of the substrate. Coverage rates will vary significantly depending on these factors and we would recommend you trial the product first if you are not already familiar with VanGuard HD. 

On a primed surface, the first coat will cover between 3m2 and 4m2 per coat. For a second coat, you will achieve between 4m2 and 4.5m2 per kg. 

For example, on an 180m2 primed, none porous surface you would expect to use:

180m2 / 4m2 per kg = 45kg = 9 x 5kg Kits for the first coat
180m2 / 4.5m2 per kg = 40kg = 8 x 5kg Kits for the second coat

= 17 kits in total required. 

However, that could reduce by up to a third if the surface isn't primed, or is excessive porous and absorbs more of the material. 

Please also note that a fresh roller will absorb a significant amount of paint and on small areas could soak up approximately 500g of paint. 

Coverage rates will also reduce if the project requires more cutting in using a brush, compared to a roller which will achieve a greater coverage.

New Concrete:
Where the relative humidity of a concrete exceeds 75% Hydraguard should be specified and selected on the basis of hygrometer readings in accordance with BS 8203.

New Concrete Floors:
New concrete must be clean, sound, dry and fully cured and surface laitance removed preferably by enclosed shot blasting or mechanical grinding, a minimum strength of 25N/mm2 is required.

Timber Floors:
Must be clean, sound, dry. Old clear varnish/topcoat must be removed/ sanded prior to application.

Existing Concrete Floors:
Remove all dirt, oil, grease or other surface contaminants by enclosed shot blasting, scarification or mechanical grinding. Fats, oils or greases must be removed by mechanical means and detergent washing. Local repairs should be carried out using a suitable vuba repair product.

Multi Layer systems:
Where over-coating other systems such as epoxy coatings or screeds, as part of a specified composite system, these should be tack free, but not fully cured to ensure a monolithic bond.

Pour all of the Part B Hardener into the Part A epoxy and mix using a helical spinner. It is important to not part mix the epoxy resin, as it is pre-weighed in exact proportions.

Mixing should take approximately 2 minutes. It is important to remember that the mixing procedure begins an exothermic reaction.The longer the epoxy stays in one mass, the quicker the reaction process will take place.

Therefore it is important to expedite application, and / or transfer VanGuard into smaller containers.

Best results are obtained in warm conditions (Above 15oC). Apply with a medium pile roller working well into the surface. Edges and difficult to reach areas may be applied thinly by brush. It is recommended to apply two coats. The first coast will have a reduced coverage rate to the second.

 Allow the first coat to cure for 24 hours and then apply the second coat. Leave the second coat 48 hours before trafficking (in good temperatures). An anti-slip finish may be achieved by broadcasting the first coat to saturation, with kiln dried aggregates at 3 - 4kg/m2.

Allow the first coat to cure for 24 hours at 15 oC (or longer in colder temperatures) then remove all excess sand with a stiff broom and vacuum. Apply a second coat to encapsulate the grains. The rate of coverage for the second coat will depend on surface profile but will be significantly reduced from the first coat (and coverage advice given with this document). 


More Information
Alternative Names Ultracoat, Epoxyshield, Epoxy Floor Coating
Size 5kg ot 25kg
Minimum Application Temp 5oC
Maximum Application Temp 25oC
Suitable Substrates Concrete, Cementitious Screeds, Marine Plywood (Other surfaces possible using Hydraguard Epoxy Primer)
Recommended Thickness 200 microns per coat
Curing Schedule Guide 24 Hours Intercoat Period and 72 Hours Full Cure
Brand Vuba
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