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High strength UV stable sealer with excellent bonding properties to almost all surfaces.
Duraseal is available in 5 litre units containing 2 pre-weighed components. If you are not using the pre weighed Duraseal in one use, the ratio is 70:30
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Duraseal is a high quality, highly versatile resin floor sealer. Duraseal is a unique combination of UV stable, scratch resistant, highly abrasion resistant and highly chemical resistant. This resin floor sealer can be used to seal the following surfaces:

Concrete Floors
Cementitious Screeds
Epoxy floor coatings
Flake Floor Systems
Epoxy Screeds
Tiled Flooring
Wooden Flooring

Duraseal is resin floor sealer, primarily used for the following reasons:

Give a final finish and improved cleanability to concrete floors
Seal and protect levelling screeds
Seal and protect concrete in other situations - bartops etc.
Seal flake floor coating systems with a final coat
Change a floor finish from gloss to matt
Give additional protection to floor coatings
Used as a decorative finsih in homes and shops

Duraseal is available in silk, matt or gloss. You also have the option of selecting Duraseal as a standard floor sealer or containing polymer beads for an anti slip finish.

Why use this Floor Sealer?

UV Stable
Scratch Resistant Finish
Chemical Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Excellent Bonding Properties
Solvent Free and Low Odour

Duraseal can bond to almost any floor surface, creating a new easy to clean gloss, silk or matt finish in standard or anti slip.

How to apply Duraseal Floor Sealer:

1. Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contamination.
2. Mix both pre-weighed components of the sealer until fully homoegenous.
3. Spread out and apply using a medium pile roller and brush for cutting in.
4. Ensure to apply as per the coverage recommendations to prevent cloudiness caused by a too thick application.
5) Allow Duraseal to cure as per the guidelines in the product datasheet. If applying a second coat ensure that is done the following day.

Duraseal is available in 5 litre units containing 2 pre-weighed components.

The version with anti slip contains 5% polymer beads.

You can select to have Duraseal in gloss, silk or matt depending upon the finish you would like.

Duraseal is a 5 litre unit capable of covering 40m2 per 5 litre kit. We recommend applying 1 or 2 coats of Duraseal, depending upon the substrate being sealed. Here are some examples:

Concrete floors - we would usually recommend to seal concrete floors with two coats of sealer
Epoxy screeds - epoxy screeds can usually be sealed with 1 coat
Flake floor systems - these can usually be sealed with 1 coat, until it has a full coverage of flakes and then it would be two coats
Levelling Screeds - these would usually need to be sealed with 2 coats
Floor Tiles - usually fine to seal with 1 anti slip floor sealer application

If you would like any advice about coverage rates, you can contact us on 01482 778897 or email resin@vubagroup.com.


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Size 5 Litres
Brand Vuba
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