Vuba Rubber and Resin Play Base Kit (Basebound)

Cold Lay Rubber Base for Play Areas - Sub Base for EPDM Rubber Top Surface
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1 Binder Tub 2.5kg and 1 25kg SBR Rubber Bag

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1 Binder Tub 2.5kg and 1 25kg SBR Rubber Bag

Basebound is supplied as a 27.5kg kit containing 1 bag of 25kg Recycled Rubber and 1 tub of 2.5kg Resin Rubber Binder. The binder is mixed with the rubber in a forced action mixer, and trowel applied on to MOT Type 1 or 3, to create your perfect play sub base. The kit contains all of the products pre-weighed and ready to mix.

Coverage rates per kit as follows:

20mm - 1.91m2

25mm - 1.53m2

30mm - 1.27m2

35mm - 1.09m2

40mm - 0.87m2

50mm - 0.76m2

(Each mm per m2 of Basebound consumes 0.72kg of the fully mixed system)

Applicators will typically apply from 20mm to 50mm for domestic or commercial, none public areas. For public play areas, schools etc, in order to comply with Critical Fall Height Regulations, application thickness should be as follows:

Height of Fall = Thickness Required

1.3m = 40mm

1.5m = 50mm

1.7m = 60mm

1.9m = 70mm

2.0m = 80mm

2.2m = 90mm

2.4m = 100mm

Basebound is perfect for application beneath EPDM Rubber to help provide additional cushioning. Basebound is envirionmentally friendly - made of 100% recycled rubber tyres and can help to provide a cost effective base for any rubber surfacing.

To apply our Basebound rubber cold lay base for resin bound surfacing, we recommend you follow these steps: Ensure the surface is well compacted Type 1 or Type 3 hardcore. Pour the recycled rubber into the mixer and allow to blend. Add the Resibind polyurethane resin binder to the mix and allow to rotate for 2 minutes until the resin is completely dispersed wihin the aggregate blend. Pour out into place on the hardcore, and trowel apply to the desired thickness.

More Information
Prod Name Basebound
Size 27.5kg
Composition Recycled Rubber and Resin Binder
Thickness 20mm - 100mm
Substrates Hardcore Type 1 or Type 3
Ambient Temperature Above 5 Degrees Celsius
Drying Time 16 - 24 Hours
Product Parts 2
Primer Required Prime when laying on to an existing rubber base (for multiple layers) using our Baseprime.
Coverage 0.72kg per mm per m2
Typical Installations As a base beneath EPDM Rubber Surfacing

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