Vuba Damp Proofing Epoxy Primer and Sealer (Hydraguard)

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Hydraguard is a 100% epoxy liquid damp proof membrane, designed to easily seal and waterproof surfaces against rising moisture, and to repel water ingress and protect surfaces from moisture.

Hydraguard is solvent free, Low VOC and easy to use for DIY waterproofing and damp proofing applications.

Rising Damp?
Wet or new concrete?
Leaking staircase, ceiling, mezzanine?

You need a liquid damp proof membrane.

Hydrgauard is the perfect product to waterproof, seal and protect floors and walls. As a two part epoxy, you cannot buy anything of this level of quality from your local hardware store - it is a specialist resin packaged in an easy to use pre-weighed unit, ready to mix for two minutes and apply with a brush or roller.

Hydraguard gives you the ability to use a professional grade damp proof membrane product, without paying huge sums of money to a specialist contractor.

Hydraguard is a two component, solvent free damp proof membrane designed to prime or coat cementitious surfaces that possess high levels of residual moisture or rising damp. Vuba damp proof primer offers excellent water repellent properties for cementitious surfaces which have not been protected by an underlying moisture barrier or where the existing damp proof membrane is defective.

Installation of this damp proof primer can eliminate the need of costly removal or reinstatement of existing slabs and damp proof membranes, also permitting early overlaying without the conventional drying out period being necessary. Hydraguard damp proof primer is used effectively as a moisture suppressant membrane for over-sealing cementitious surfaces which contain high levels of residual moisture.

Common environments include basements, garages, warehouses and factory floors. Vuba damp proof primer is popular for use prior to overcoating or screeding but can also be left as a wearing and attractive finish. Hydraguard adheres well to all common cementitious based floor compositions including old or new concrete.

More Information
Prod Name Vuba-Prime Hydraguard
Size 2.5 Litres and 5 Litres
Composition Pigmented epoxy/amine resin system
Appearance High gloss finish tinted yellow - custom colours available
Availability Standard 1-2 days. Bespoke 3-5 days.
Durability Heavy duty
Thickness Per coat 240 microns
Substrates Cementitious
Ambient Temperature During application 5-30 degrees
Drying Time 24 hrs
Application Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of contamination. Mix both components together until homogenous and apply with good quality brushes and rollers. Leave to dry and apply a second coat if required at right angles. Leave applied damp proof primer to cure - see data sheet in 'Downloads' for detailed instructions.
Product Parts Resin and activator (twin pack)
Primer Required No
Technical Data See data sheet in 'Downloads'
Coverage Up to 20m2 per coat (5kg)
Typical Installations Basements, garages, warehouses and factories etc.

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