Vista 50ml Pigment 10 Pack - FREE DELIVERY!

Filled packed with 10 ultra-concentrated, universally compatible Epoxy Resin Pigments.

Create your rainbow with this kit that contains 4 dazzling metallic colours, including our Metallic Booster Pigment, along with 6 extremely radiant opaque pigments.

Each 50ml squirty bottle, when mixed with an epoxy resin, is enough to create 10-15kg of your desired colour!

Manufactured in the UK, these liquid Epoxy pigments mean that these are easy mixing!

Don't forget to send through snaps of your beautiful Resin ceations which are injected with the colours in this kit.

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Which colours are included?

Metallic Bronze
Metallic Booster
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Polar White
Raven Black
Jade Green
Vuba Red
Lemon Drop
Royal Blue

Our Metallic Booster pigment you can add to the solid colours to give an injection of metallic. For a small change and hint of metallic, add around 25% to solid colour, for a strong metallic finish, we’d recommend to add up to 70%.

A tip is to use drops of our Polar White to another colour when you fancy making a little lighter shade so even though you have 10 colours in this kit it can make as many as your imagination can take you.

Ease of use is the primary advantage of a liquid epoxy pigment like this one. Colour powders can be problematic to mix thoroughly into your Resin, leaving collections of powders. This can then lead to over mixing, producing bubbles.

For a full colour you would add between 0.2% and 1% by weight. For deeper pieces, less colour pigment will be required than thinner sections. Also, there is a natural variation between colour pigments.

We would recommend to trial and sample to get the right amount of colour saturation for your project. Each pigment is coloured naturally, and so you will find that a lot more pigment is needed for colours like yellow than it is for black for example. For each colour you can trial and error until you know what to add by eye.

Will adding pigments prolong the curing time?

Some pigments can prolong the curing time of Resin due to the amount of pigment used, however you would only need 1% of our pigment (colour desired dependent) therefore not enough would be used to affect this. Typically anything over 5% of your total resin volume could prolong the cure time.

How can I stop colours running into one another?

When working with more than one colour, it’s important on some occasions that these don’t run into one another. This is more common in those Epoxies which have low viscosity (thin consistency) properties. In this case we would advise mixing the Resin and Hardener followed by leaving the mix to select for some time before adding the pigment. This time is all dependent on different factors such as temperature, amount used etc. We would recommend trailing this to get used to how the Resin thickens and performs. Once thickened the Resin mix then holds that colour more.

Is your Epoxy Colour Compatible with my Resin?

Vista Colour Pigments are formulated to work with all epoxy resins, including 1:1 resin.

Will adding pigments prolong the curing time?

A well-used rule is to not use more than 5% of your total resin volume. When using under 5% there will be no significant change to the curing time or physical properties. You would only need only 1% of our pigment (colour dependent) because of it's highly concentrated nature.

Can I mix the colours?

Yes, our pigments mix together to create a variety of shades and colours. Let your imagination run wild!

Can the colours be mixed with other inclusions to create effects?

Yes, you can use these colours alongside various inclusions, including mica powder.

Does adding colour change the heat resistance?

sing Vista Colour Pigments is the best way to limit the reduction of heat resistance with additives. Adding pigments, alcohol inks etc will lower the heat resistance of your epoxy. The advantage of using Vista Colour Pigments is they are epoxy based (not acrylic etc), and are highly concentrated so less pigment is needed. Both of these factors combine to reduce the loss of heat resistance.

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