Easihold™ Pour On / Spray On Binder

Easy Use Spray or Pour On Resin Binder for Loose Stones

Easihold is the original and only water based single component binder, for spray or pour application on to loose stones. Easihold effectively binds and hold stones in place.

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About Easihold:
Easihold is a water based binder - the only type of its kind in the world! And is suitable for Spray or Pour On application. Easihold works perfectly with all standard spray applicators, from pressure sprays to motorised. 

Easihold can also be used as a pour on resin binder, working best with watering can application. Easihold has become so popular because of its ease of use in comparison to alternative resin bound systems, and low comparative cost. 

Easihold is a highly strong resin formula and can bind existing stones into place. For best results we recommend to use with our decorative aggregates. 

Why Choose Easihold?
Low VOC and Odourless
Water Based None Harmful Formula
Can be Spray Applied using Standard Equipment
Easy to use Pour On Resin System
No Sub Base Required
Prevents Unwanted Loose Stones
Innovative New Product

NOTE: Easihold is a water based, air drying product. Please forecast your projects and follow application guidelines for best results. Temperature and rain can affect the bonding strength of the product - so we recommend planning ahead with regards to the weather/ambient temperature during application. 

About Vuba:
Vuba is a pioneer of the resin industry, established over 10 years ago, we have developed a reputation as the leading innovator in the resin surfacing. Our products are trialled and tested at our research laboratory in East Yorkshire, ensuring quality innovation remains our guiding company ethos. We hope you enjoy your Vuba experience!

Alternative to Resin Bound:
Easihold is a cheaper, easier alternative to a standard resin bound binder. Easihold is perfect for landscaping features where it is not cost of time efficient to begin digging up and removing the existing surface. With Easihold, simply pour on, trowel smooth and you have your resin bound surfacing!

It is possible to apply Easihold over existing aggregates. Simply ensure that your aggregates are clean, dry and free from contamination. However, if you do not currently have aggregates. We would recommend using one of our pre-bagged Vuba Washed and Dried Aggregates, in sizes 1-3mm or 2-5mm.

Easihold Limitations
Easihold should be applied in accordance with our installation instructions and guidance. Easihold cannot receive turning wheeled traffic. For highly trafficked areas, care should be taken to use correct stone diameters and overall thicknesses.

Stone Diamater:
2mm to 20mm = Decorative to Light Usage
2mm to 10mm = Medium to Regular Usage

Easihold is supplied in 5 litre or 25 litre plastic jerry cans.

Easihold is recommended to be spray applied for best coverage and easiest use. It is possible to pour on using a tool such as a watering can. 

If you are using a watering can for application, you can simply pour your Easihold into the watering can. Remember, Easihold air dries so do not leave in the watering can for too long!

Easihold is a low viscosity sealer and prone to splashing. Remember to protect any working surfaces nearby.

Easihold SprayOn Resin Coverage Guidance:

Decorative / Light Duty
Coverage = 0.5 litres per m2 per coat x 2 coats
Total Amount = 1 litre per m2 in total

Regular Traffic
Coverage = 0.5 litre per m2 per coat x 3 coats
Total Amount - 1.5 litres per m2 in total

Easihold Pour On Resin Coverage Guidance:

Coverage = 0.5 litres per m2 per coat x 2 coats
Total Amount = 1 litre per m2 in total

Coverage = 0.75 litres per m2 per coat x 2 coats 
Total Amount = 1.5 litres per m2 in total

Coverage = 1 litre per m2 per coat x 2 coats 
Total Amount - 2 litres per m2 in total 

Coverage = 1 litre per m2 per coat x 3 coats 
Total Amount = 3 litres per m2 in total

For Easihold Pour On Binder:

Application Thickness:

Easihold is an air drying product. Therefore care should be taken to not over saturate the working surface, or this may retard the curing time of the sealer. In the case of extreme excessive saturation, the surface will become too ‘wet’ to dry out. You should follow the coverage rate guidance for litres per m2, and also how many number of applications. 

Application Technique:
Easihold is applied using the rose of a watering can or a pressure sprayer. The hole separation is important for consistency of application. Easihold can be applied using an airless sprayer designed for solvent based products. However, we do not recommend DIY application using this method due to inhalation of airborne particles without correct breathing apparatus.

Application Finish:
You can spread / smooth the stones in place using a trowel or a spatula – and this will help to disperse the Easihold amongst the aggregate mix. 

Aggregate Selection:
For optimal performance you must select the correct stone. Stone diameter, cleanliness and overall depth of the stones are all factors in determining the longevity of the Easihold system. See our Stone Guidance tables for more information. We recommend to use our washed and dried range of aggregate.

Application Process:
Step 1: Please ensure you have read our product datasheet for application instructions, and MSDS for health and safety advice in relation to this product.
Step 2: If you are using existing stones, ensure they are clean and dry. For new aggregates, please spread into place.
Step 3: Pour the Easihold into your applicator, and use that to apply the Easihold in line with the advised coverage rate / m2 / application.
Step 4: Allow each coat to dry for 12-16 hours (temperature dependent) and then apply a second, or third application as needed.
Step 5: Ensure to give your Easihold a final finish using a trowel or spatula after each application, and allow to fully dry before usage.

Easihold is available for next day delivery, or standard 2-3 day delivery.

More Information
Prod Name Easihold
Size 5 Litres and 25 Litres
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Brand Vuba
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