Rubber Play Kits


  1. Recycled Rubber Base for EPDM and Resin Bound
    Vuba Rubber and Resin Play Base Kit (Basebound)

    Cold Lay Rubber Base for Play Areas - Sub Base for EPDM Rubber Top Surface

    £29.37 (exc VAT)
  2. Rubber EPDM Play DIY Kit
    Vuba Wetpour Rubber Play DIY Kit

    DIY Rubber Playground Kit - Saves Time, Hassle and Expense on Small Playground Projects

    £42.50 (exc VAT)
  3. Wetpour Rubber Surfacing Kit
    Vuba Wetpour Rubber Play Contractor Kit

    UV Stable EPDM Rubber Crumb Wetpour Playground Surfacing

    £70.00 (exc VAT)

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