Resin Bound Kits


  1. vuba diy resin bound
    VALTEX Resin Bound DIY Kit

    Resin Bound DIY Kit - Perfect for any home Resin Bound DIY Project!

    £35.98 (exc VAT)
  2. Resin Bound Contractor Kit
    Vuba Valtex Resin Bound Contractor Kit

    Resin Bound Kit for Forced Action Mixer.

    We manufacture award winning resin binders, combined with our HD quartz system with the world's finest washed and dried aggregates to give you the Valtex Resin Bound Contractor Kit. 

    Our Resin Bound Contractor Kit is pre-catalysed ready to mix and lay. Each kit is available in a huge array of colour blends, some of which exclusively imported by Vuba. 

    £84.99 (exc VAT)