Resin Bound Primers


  1. Polyprime Floor Primer
    Vuba Polymer Floor Primer (Polyprime)

    Polymeeric primer, sealer and bonding agent designed for concrete floors

    £32.50 (exc VAT)
  2. Epoxy Floor Primer
    Vuba Epoxy Floor Primer (Epiprime)

    A versatile epoxy primer used to seal and prime almost all subfloors

    £59.00 (exc VAT)
  3. Damp Proofing Epoxy Primer
    Vuba Damp Proofing Epoxy Primer and Sealer (Hydraguard)

    Capable of sealing and waterproofing almost all surfaces

    £52.50 (exc VAT)
  4. Tack Coat Primer
    Vuba Epoxy Tack Coat (Epibond)

    Epoxy tack coat for bonding screeds and mortars whilst tacky

    £35.59 (exc VAT)