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Flake Floor Coatings

Flake Floor Coatings
  1. Flake Floor Paint
    Vuba Epoxy Flake Floor Paint Kit (Liquid Vinyl)

    Ultimate Flake Floor Flake / Chip Floor Coating System!

    £194.46 (exc VAT)

Flake Floor Coatings

Welcome to our range of Flake Floor Coating systems. We have a range of PVA and Metallic Flakes which are supplied individually, or as blends. And you can buy these flakes are part of a flake floor coating system!

Flake floor coatings are an easy way to achieve an attractive floor finish, without considerable extra time and cost. You can use PVA flakes in almost any environment, such as garage floors, utility rooms, canteens and changing rooms.

Our more designer metallic floor flakes are perfect for bars, clubs, kitchens, living rooms, art galleries or commercial buildings.

If you have any questions about what to buy for your flake floor coating system, simply call our technical team on 01482 778897.