Primers and Sealers


  1. Epoxy Floor Primer
    Vuba Epoxy Floor Primer (Epiprime)

    A versatile epoxy primer used to seal and prime almost all subfloors.

    £59.00 (exc VAT)
  2. Damp Proofing Epoxy Primer
    Vuba Damp Proofing Epoxy Primer and Sealer (Hydraguard)

    Capable of sealing and waterproofing almost all surfaces

    £52.50 (exc VAT)
  3. Anti Slip Additive for Paints and Screeds
    Anti Slip Additive for Paints and Sealers

    Anti Slip Additive for Paints, Primers or Sealers

    £2.50 (exc VAT)
  4. Waterproofing Epoxy Floor and Wall Paint

    Water Based Floor Coating and Primer

    Easy Use Epoxy Floor Coating Formulated for Painting New Concrete and Screeds, Homes and Garages, Ware...

    £60.83 (exc VAT)

Primers and Sealers

We manufacture quality Floor Paints that are available in anti slip grades. All of our floor paints can be supplied with an anti slip additive - to include within the paint, or as a separate additive to be broadcast on to the floor paint. Our anti slip floor paints will conform to HSE regulations. For more advice about our anti slip floor paints, you can contact our technical department. 

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