Epoxy Floor Paints



    Heavy Duty Universal Epoxy Floor Coating

    Formulated for use in Engineering Workshops, Warehousing, TV Studios, Production Facilties and Ca...

    £69.99 (exc VAT)
  2. Waterproofing Epoxy Floor and Wall Paint

    Water Based Floor Coating and Primer

    Easy Use Epoxy Floor Coating Formulated for Painting New Concrete and Screeds, Homes and Garages, Ware...

    £60.83 (exc VAT)
  3. Food Safe Floor Paint

    Food Safe Epoxy Floor Coating

    Low VOC Water Based Epoxy Floor Coating with Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Advanced Technology. Formulated for F...

    £65.00 (exc VAT)

    Anti Static Epoxy Floor Coating

    Easy Use Anti Static Epoxy Floor Coating. Advanced Formulation for Printing / Ink Facilities, Control Room...

    £101.67 (exc VAT)

Epoxy Floor Paints

Welcome to our range of Epoxy Floor Paints and Coatings! We're often asked 3 common questions about epoxy floor paints, so we'll answer them here!

How do you apply an epoxy floor coating? Answer: Very similar to any other floor paint, besides the mixing process. All of our epoxy floor paints are supplied in pre-weighed kits. Simply pour the little tub into the big tub, mix for a minute and away you go! You get between 30 and 50 mins depending on the epoxy product to apply the paint.

Do I need special rollers or application? People will sometimes spread epoxy floor paints using a squeegee first for very large areas. But usually, you'd simply apply the epoxy floor paint using a brush and roller – we'd recommend our good quality medium pile rollers for epoxy paints.

How long does an epoxy floor paint take to dry? Well firstly, an epoxy paint doesn't dry like a normal paint. Our epoxy floor paints such as Ultracoat and Epoxyshield are 100% epoxy content, and cure by a chemical reaction cross linking the polymers creating a highly durable surface. Air drying is whereby a carrier agent leaves the product (water / solvent etc) leaving a much thinner paint film.

So buy the best, and buy it just the once – Vuba epoxy floor paints.

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