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Epoxy Floor Paints

Epoxy Floor Paints
  1. Epoxy concrete floor paint
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Warehouse Concrete Floors (Ultracoat)

    Two Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint for Garages, Workshops and Homes

    £69.00 (exc VAT)
  2. Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Floors (Epoxyshield)
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Floors (Epoxyshield)

    100% Epoxy Resin Floor Coating for High Traffic Industrial Floors

    £47.40 (exc VAT)
  3. Flake Floor Paint
    Vuba Epoxy Flake Floor Paint Kit (Liquid Vinyl)

    Ultimate Flake Floor Flake / Chip Floor Coating System!

    £194.46 (exc VAT)
  4. Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Chemical Resistant Floors (EP Shield Supreme)
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Chemical Resistant Floors (EP Shield Supreme)

    Ultimate Epoxy Floor Paint for Heavy Manufacturing and Chemical Resistance

    £54.00 (exc VAT)
  5. Food Safe Floor Paint
    Food Safe Antimicrobial Epoxy Floor and Wall Coating (Hydracoat Silver)

    Low VOC Water Based Coating with a Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology

    £37.45 (exc VAT)
  6. Waterproofing Epoxy Floor and Wall Paint
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Waterproofing Epoxy Floor and Wall Coating (Hydracoat)

    Breathable Epoxy Coating for Floors and Walls.

    £41.19 (exc VAT)
  7. Non Slip Epoxy Floor Coating
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Coating (Ultragrip)

    Anti Slip Industrial Epoxy Floor Paint for Ramps, Entrances, Wet Processing and Workshops

    £58.32 (exc VAT)
  8. Permanent Line Marking Paint
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Permanent Line Marking (Epoxyline)

    Epoxy Line Marking Paint

    £27.50 (exc VAT)

Epoxy Floor Paints

Welcome to our range of Epoxy Floor Paints and Coatings! We're often asked 3 common questions about epoxy floor paints, so we'll answer them here!

How do you apply an epoxy floor coating? Answer: Very similar to any other floor paint, besides the mixing process. All of our epoxy floor paints are supplied in pre-weighed kits. Simply pour the little tub into the big tub, mix for a minute and away you go! You get between 30 and 50 mins depending on the epoxy product to apply the paint.

Do I need special rollers or application? People will sometimes spread epoxy floor paints using a squeegee first for very large areas. But usually, you'd simply apply the epoxy floor paint using a brush and roller – we'd recommend our good quality medium pile rollers for epoxy paints.

How long does an epoxy floor paint take to dry? Well firstly, an epoxy paint doesn't dry like a normal paint. Our epoxy floor paints such as Ultracoat and Epoxyshield are 100% epoxy content, and cure by a chemical reaction cross linking the polymers creating a highly durable surface. Air drying is whereby a carrier agent leaves the product (water / solvent etc) leaving a much thinner paint film.

So buy the best, and buy it just the once – Vuba epoxy floor paints.

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