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Standard Floor Paints

Standard Floor Paints
  1. Flake Floor Paint
    Vuba Epoxy Flake Floor Paint Kit (Liquid Vinyl)

    Ultimate Flake Floor Flake / Chip Floor Coating System!

    £194.46 (exc VAT)
  2. Anti Slip Floor Paint
    Anti Slip Floor Paint (Floorgrip)

    Anti slip acrylic resin floor paint for all surfaces.

    £30.00 (exc VAT)
  3. Workshop floor paint
    Floor Paint for Workshops and Warehouses (Floorseal)

    Highly quality versatile acrylic resin floor paint concrete, screed and wooden floors.

    £24.00 (exc VAT)
  4. Garage floor paint
    Garage and Home Floor Paint (Liquid Protect)

    Quick drying, tough floor paint for garage floors, utility rooms and patios.

    £27.00 (exc VAT)
  5. Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Floors (Epoxyshield)
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Floors (Epoxyshield)

    100% Epoxy Resin Floor Coating for High Traffic Industrial Floors

    £47.40 (exc VAT)
  6. Warehouse floor paint
    Warehouse Floor Paint (Contractor 500)

    High quality acrylic resin floor paint used for renovating concrete and existing painted floors.

    £21.00 (exc VAT)
  7. Driveway paint
    Driveway, Patio, Step and Garden Floor Paint (Duracoat)

    Durable, versatile floor paint for external surfaces.

    £30.00 (exc VAT)
  8. Waterproofing Epoxy Floor and Wall Paint
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Waterproofing Epoxy Floor and Wall Coating (Hydracoat)

    Breathable Epoxy Coating for Floors and Walls.

    £41.19 (exc VAT)
  9. Epoxy concrete floor paint
    Epoxy Floor Paint Kit - Warehouse Concrete Floors (Ultracoat)

    Two Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint for Garages, Workshops and Homes

    £69.00 (exc VAT)

Standard Floor Paints

Welcome to the Vuba range of concrete floor paints! We have every type of floor paint known to man! Want a quick and easy way to find out which floor paint is for you? Call us on 01482 778897 and we will give you expert advice!

We're usually asked 'which floor paint should I have for my concrete floor?' Answer: It depends on how you plan to use your concrete floor. Heavy traffic? We would recommend an epoxy floor paint.

Looking for a cheap product to floor paint at a great price to refurbish a floor for dilapidations? Well, we have a concrete floor paint for that too!

Whatever it is you need for your concrete floor, we will have the right floor paint for you!

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