Vista Colour Pigment 250ml - Tangerine Scream

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Which colours are included?

Metallic Bronze
Metallic Booster
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Polar White
Raven Black
Jade Green
Vuba Red
Lemon Drop
Royal Blue

This epoxy pigment is available in a 250ml squirty bottle, which when mixed with an epoxy resin is enough to create 50-75kg of Tangerine Scream!

250ml (Enough to mix with 50-75kg of Epoxy Resin)
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Ultra-concentrated, universally compatible Epoxy Resin Pigment in Tangerine Scream.

This epoxy pigment is available in a 250ml squirty bottle, which when mixed with an epoxy resin is enough to create 50-75kg of Tangerine Scream. 

Add 1-2 drops of epoxy pigment to 100ml+ of clear epoxy resin to create a semi-translucent tint; add the same again for a fully opaque colour.

Delivery: Delivery is free when ordering with any of our Vista Resins. Delivery is £4.99 + VAT UK Mainland for pigments only.

Special Offer #1: When you buy 8 colours you will receive 2 free. Simply select the 10 colours of your choice from our range of 22 (18 Opaque, 3 Metallic and 1 Booster) and you will only be charged for 8. 

Special Offer #2: When you purchase all 3 metallic colours, you receive a discount of 20%. The three metallic colours are White, Silver and Gold.

The discount will automatically be applied at the checkout. 

Learn: We have lots of blog posts about our Vista Art Resin range, including advice about our colours. Visit our Blog here and also don't forget to checkout the FAQ's in the adjacent tab on this page. 

Is your Epoxy Colour Compatible with my Resin?
Vista Colour Pigments are formulated to work with all epoxy resins, including 1:1 resin.

Can you create a metallic Look?
We have 3 metallic colours in a beautiful White, Silver and Gold. We also have a Metallic Booster which can be added to solid colours to create metallics from our standard range of purples, reds, and oranges! 

How do your colours differ to colour powders?
Ease of use is the primary advantage of a liquid epoxy pigment, like our Vista Colour Pigments. Colour powders can be problematic to mix thoroughly into your resin, leaving collections of powder and in turn adding to the bubbles due to the extra mixing. Our colours evenly and easily distribute throughout the mix with very little effort (and bubbles!). Secondly, Vista Colour Pigments have a much lower affect on heat resistance than other additives such as powders. 

Is the colour see through or totally opaque?
This varies on how much pigment you add to your mix, the good news here is, you have a choice to add smaller amounts for a translucent result. Or as directed for full opacity. It is very easy to achieve full opacity, to edge up slowly if you're trying to achieve a semi-translucent result. 

Does adding colour change the heat resistance?
Using Vista Colour Pigments is the best way to limit the reduction of heat resistance with additives. Adding pigments, alcohol inks etc will lower the heat resistance of your epoxy. The advantage of using Vista Colour Pigments is they are epoxy based (not acrylic etc), and are highly concentrated so less pigment is needed. Both of these factors combine to reduce the loss of heat resistance. 

Will adding colour alter the curing time?
A well-used rule is to not use more than 5% of your total resin volume. When using under 5% there will be no significant change to the curing time or physical properties. You would only need only 1% of our pigment (colour dependent) because of it's highly concentrated nature. 

Can I mix the colours?
Yes, our pigments mix together to create a variety of shades and colours. Let your imagination run wild! 

Can the colours be mixed with other inclusions to create effects?
Yes, you can use these colours alongside various inclusions, including mica powder.

Each Vista Epoxy Pigment is highly concentrated and so only a small amount needs to be applied to your epoxy resin.

For tints we would recommend to add a small amount of epoxy colour pigment, and mix into your resin to observe your results. You can then add more as required. 

For a full colour you would add between 0.2% and 1% by weight. For deeper pieces, less colour pigment will be required than thinner sections. Also, there is a natural variation between colour pigments.

With black colour pigments having more opacity than yellows by their very nature - and so more pigment would need to be added for a yellow, for example. 

Hints and Tips:
For smaller volumes of epoxy resin, try dipping a toothpick or similar into the colour and mixing in. You can also read our blog post about our Epoxy Colour Pigments! 


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More Information
Alternative Names Epoxy Pigment, Epoxy Colour
Size 250ml
UV Resistance / Stability UV Resistant
Brand Vista
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