Natural World Rock Plant Topper Stones - Rojo Alicante 2kg (Free Next Day Delivery)

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2kg of genuine red marble stones, quarried from the mountainous region of Alicante. These beautiful stones are small in size, approximately 5mm in diameter.

These Spanish sourced aggregates are brought to Yorkshire; washed, dried, and packaged ready for our discerning customers. 

We take pride in sourcing premium, 100% genuine decorative stones which look fantastic in plant pots and other decorations - suitable for inside and outdoors. 

Our stones are supplied in a re-usable plastic container, and can be used with our Easihold Spray to fix them firmly in place - see below for more information.

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When you buy Natural World Rock you buy genuine marble, quartz and granite stones sourced from locations such as El Toco Mountain, and the majestic quarries of Dorset, England. 

These premium aggregates are washed, dried, screened and packaged in a 2kg re-usable container.

Natural World Rock can be used in pots for cacti and other succulents; plants pots; candle holders and other household decorations - both inside the home and out. 

For larger projects such as flower beds, around stepping stones and patios we have larger 25kg bags of decorative stones in our Decorative Stone category.

What makes these stones extra special is that they are prepared perfeclty ready for use with our patented Easihold Spray. Easihold Spray fixes the stones in place, whilst retaining permeability. 

Finish your plant topper stones with Easihold to stop curious children and pesky pets spoiling your plants and your carpet! 

And for for fixing stones outdoors, we have our Easihold 5 Litre Jerrican and Trade Mulitpack offer. 

We take great pride in our product, and we are always excited to see our customer's projects - so please leave a review on this page and tag us in our Easihold Instagram account. 


More Information
Alternative Names Red Marble, Rojo Alicante
Size 2kg
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Brand Natural World Rock


Where is Rojo Alicante from?
Rojo Alicante stones are from Alicante in Spain, a beautiful quarry which produces a distinctive red marble with excellent tonality.

How do I use Easihold Spray?
Simply buy our water based, non-toxic, spray applied Easihold liquid and apply on to your stones. Leave to dry for 24 hours and enjoy maintenance free natural plants!

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