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Ground Breaking Easihold Mini Spray for House Proud Plant Lovers!

Easihold Mini Spray holds stones in place in plant pots, watering cans, displays, and anywhere else your imagination takes you!

The resin spray is a non-toxic, non-hamrful, water based spray which leaves stones completely permeable and helps to retain moisture in the soil. 

Each 200ml spray will cover up to 1m2 of stones to a depth of 10mm. Easihold Mini Spray will work with most stones, but recommended to be used with our PotStars decorative stones. 

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200ml (1m2)

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200ml (1m2)

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Easihold™ Spray is a revolutionary new stone binder (patent applied) designed to hold in place decorative stones in plant pots, watering cans, displays, and anywhere else your imagination takes you! 

Easihold™ Spray is perfect to use with our Potstars Decorative Stones. Potstars is 1kg bags of decorative stones, washed and dried ready for use, which can be held in place using Easihold™ Spray. 

Easihold™ Spray can be used in conjunction with other washed stones, and works both internally and externally. 

Easihold™ Spray is a water based, none harmful product. The stabilised stones remain permeable for watering. 

With Easihold™ Spray you can bring real plants back in to your home. No worry about pesky pets or children knocking them over, your stabilised stones will prevent any unwanted soil dramas!

Easihold™ Spray is designed to be sprayed on to decorative stones, as follows:

1. Clear a depth of approximately 20mm in your plant pot or container.
2. Pour in your decorative stones (We recommend Potstars Decorative Stones)
3. From 4-5 inches distance apply Easihold™ Spray. Ensure to protect any plants, pots and working areas. Easihold™ Spray is a highly durable product and difficult to remove when dry!
4. Allow to dry for 6 hours to touch, and 24 hours for full dry.

Remember that Easihold™ Spray is a Single Use Only product, so ensure all the stones you plan to stabilise are ready for a one time application!

If you have more to do, you can always buy another bottle!

Easihold™ Spray is 200ml in size. It is container within a spray bottle. 

The spray bottle has a safety catch which has to be disengaged prior to use, as well as a seal on the nozzle. 

Each bottle is designed for Single Use Only. So ensure all of your stones are ready to be stabilised!

Each bottle of Easihold™ Spray is capable of covering up to 1m2 of decorative stones. Please note, the spray bottle is designed for Single Use Only, so please ensure all of your plants are ready to be sealed!

It’s important you apply Easihold in the right weather conditions. Warm weather and most importantly, dry conditions for the 48 hours after application will give you optimal performance from your Easihold binder.

Easihold is a water based, air drying product. As the water evaporates, our patented Easihold particles crosslink to bond and stabilise your stones! It’s very important Easihold is able to carry out this evaporation process to gain its strength.

When this doesn’t happen – for example in cold conditions or if you have applied too much Easihold and the stones are over saturated; the crosslinking process will not occur, and the final result will be compromised

The stones you use don’t have to be dry upon purchase, but we do recommend washing and letting them dry before use, as some new stones can arrive with a silty deposit. Contamination like this will prevent a strong bond being achieved between your stones. If you’re using existing stones, try to remove any dirt or debris prior to application, and leave them to dry before applying Easihold.

There are two important factors for a suitable base for Easihold. Firstly, the base has to be stable enough to support the traffic it is to receive. And secondly, the base should be free draining. Easihold is a water-based product and will start to break down if left submerged underwater for long periods of time.

Pour On:
Easihold can be poured from a watering can. We recommend using a maximum of 1 litre per m2, ensuring your stones are evenly coated. Ensure you use a watering can with a steady flow that is dispersing the Easihold liquid evenly across the stones. 

This method is quite straightforward, without the use of specialist equipment and ensures good penetration into the stones.

The one main consideration with this method, and all methods of application of Easihold is over saturation. Easihold is air drying - application of excessive amounts of Easihold will leave the surface wet and unbonded. 

Spray On:
Easihold can be spray applied using a standard airless sprayer. For the spray application, you can double the coverage area of 1 litre of Easihold – covering up to 2 m2 per litre.

Spraying Easihold limits penetration into the base layer of the stones. Great for achieving a larger coverage but this method won’t provide as robust a surface finish. We would recommend this application method for decorative use only.

2 Coats:
We recommend to use 2 applications of Easihold when applying by the Pour On or Spray On method for the strongest finish. Ensure that the first coat has been allowed to fully dry - don't over-saturate! 

Sometimes pouring and spraying can risk splashing your paving, or surrounding areas. In these circumstances you can mix Easihold with your stones until they’re evenly coated – usually 2 litres is enough to coat a standard 25kg bag of stones. The mixing method leaves the strongest finish - guaranteeing the stones are evenly coated throughout.

You can typically only use this method of application with new stones - mixing with old, dirty stones could be difficult. 

Further Reading:
1. We STRONGLY recommend to read the FAQ's below on this page for further helpful advice. 
2. Please read our Easihold Blog for more helpful hints and tips. 
3. You can see more detailed information contained in our product datasheet and instruction book. 
4. We have an easy to understand Tutorial Video that we would recommend to view. 
5. Check our social media channels for Easihold - Easihold Instagram and Easihold Facebook

Resiseal is a repair and strengthening product. The efficacy of Resiseal depends upon the surface applied to. We cannot provide a warranty for this nature of installation, but we can assure you that Resiseal is an extremely high quality product. Please provide details of the project looking to be undertaken if you would like us to advise on life expectancy. 

Delivery is £4.99 + VAT for mainland UK.


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More Information
Alternative Names Easy Hold
Size 200ml
Slip Resistance Value Dependent upon aggregate
Mixed Resin : Aggregate Ratio 7.5kg Mixed Resin to 100kg Aggregate (+ 6.25kg Fine Binding Aggregate for Vehicle Traffic)
Resin A : Isocyanate B Ratio Isocyanate is over indexed to a value of 1.4
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
UV Resistance / Stability UV Stable
Elongation at Break (%) 67.2%
Hardness (Shore D) 65 Shore D
Tensile Strength (MPa) 12.3 MPa
Gasoline/ Diesel Resistance No Change
Minimum Application Temp 8oC
Maximum Application Temp 40oC
Suitable Substrates A strong and stable base, such as MOT Type 1 or Type 3 hardcore.
Recommended Thickness We recommend to use a layer of stones approximately 20mm in depth.
Curing Schedule Guide Leave to dry in good weather conditions for 48 hours after application.
Brand Vuba
Coverage Rate Guidance Please refer to datasheet for technical guidance.
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