EasiBound - NEW 1-Part Resin Bound Binder - Only to be applied in warm and dry conditions - OUT OF STOCK

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EasiBound Binder is a Revolutionary NEW Air Curing Polyurethane Resin Binder.

1 part high strength polyurethane binder
Self Priming 
1 hour pot life
15 year life expectancy
Ready to mix with 25kg aggregate 

Ideal for a DIY project

Apply in warm and dry conditions
48-72 hour curing time depending on temperature of application

Each Binder mixes 25kg of Stones and covers 0.75m2 at 24mm and 1.5m2 at 12mm.
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This method of curing (versus traditional 2-component resin binders) gives an elongated curing time. These factors combine to make Easibound the perfect Resin Bound Binder for DIY use. 

revolutionary new 1 part, High Strength Polyurethane Resin Binder.

Each EasiBound kit is supplied in a 1.5kg Jerry Can, ready to pour out and mix with 25kg of Stones (Mix with Vuba Decorative Stones).

As a one part kit, EasiBound does not require mixing before addition to stones, and enjoys the same high strength properties of a 2-component polyurethane resin binder.

EasiBound has an extended pot life of 1 hour and has a life expectancy of 15 years.

DIY Friendly 1 Component Resin Kit - No Mixing of Resin Required but Same High Strength Polyurethane Resin. 

High Strength This Resin Binder has a 15 Year Life Expectancy when used with Vuba Stones. 

Ready to Mix with 25kg Stones - Each EasiBound Kit is ready to be Mixed into 25kg of Vuba Decorative Stones. 

Extended Pot Life - This EasiBound Binder is Air Drying and so Benefits from an Extended Pot Life and Working Time. 

Not Suitable for Vehicle Traffic and Must be Mixed with Clean, Dry Stones 4-6mm in Diameter for Optimal Results.

It’s important you apply Easibound in the right weather conditions. Warm weather and most importantly, dry conditions for the 48 hours after application will give you optimal performance from your Easibound binder.

There is no need to prime as our Easibound self primes, saving you time and money.


More Information
Size 1.5kg
Slip Resistance Value Dependant on Aggregate
UV Resistance / Stability UV Stable
Minimum Application Temp 10oC
Maximum Application Temp 25oC
Suitable Substrates A strong and stable base, such as MOT Type 1 or Type 3 hardcore at 24mm thickness. Concrete, Tarmac or Vuba grid at 12mm thickness
Recommended Thickness Each Binder mixes 25kg of Stones and covers 0.75m2 at 24mm (MOT type 1 or 3 hardcore) and 1.5m2 at 12mm(concrete, tarmac, Vubagrid).
Curing Schedule Guide Leave to dry in good weather conditions for 48 hours after application.
Brand Vuba


Do I need to prime the surface before application of Easibound?
No need to prime the surface before application, Easibound self primes saving you time and money.

How long does Easibound take to cure?
Depending on the temperature at the time of application Easibound will cure in 48-72 hours in warm and dry conditions.

Is Easibound moisture tolerent?
Like most polyurethane resins Easibound is not moisture tolerant. It is vitally important at the time of application your subbase is dry and free of contamination and the weather conditions are warm and dry for 48 hours after application. Failure to follow this guidance can lead to moisture damage.

What is the difference between Easibound and 1m2 resin bound kit?
Easibound is a revolutionary air curing high strength polyurethane binder that is ready to mix and self cures. Easibound has an extended pot life of 1 hour unlike a 2 part polyurethane resin meaning you don't have to worry about loss of edge during application. Like the 1m2 resin bound kit, Easibound must be applied in dry conditions to avoid moisture damage. However with Easibound you must ensure the weather is dry for at least 48 hours after application whereas with the 2 part binder you can add catalyst meaning the resin bound can cure within 12-16 hours. The minimum recommended application temperature for Easibound is 10oC whereas you can apply resin bound in temperature of 5oC and 25oC by adjusting the amount of catalyst addition in to the mix. Catalyst is not compatible with Easibound.

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