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Metallic Floor Coatings

Metallic Floor Coatings
  1. Metallic Floor Sealer
    Vuba Metallic Floor Sealer in Single Colours (Molten Metal Sealer Kits)

    Individual Metallic Floor Sealers

    £70.83 (exc VAT)
  2. Decorative Floor Coating Training Courses
    Vuba Decorative Floor Coatings and Sealers Training

    2 Day Complete Decorative Floor Coatings Course

    £350.00 (exc VAT)
  3. Metallic Floor Coating
    Vuba Metallic Floor Coatings in Vuba Blends (ORION Metallic Kits)

    Resin Floor Sealer containing a Blend of Metallic Pigments

    £136.00 (exc VAT)

Metallic Floor Coatings

Welcome to our range of metallic floor coatings. Our metallic floor coating range is becoming increasingly popular and the wonders that can be achieved with a metallic floor coating become evident!

Our metallic floor coatings are made using a genuine metallic pigment mixed in with a clear resin sealer. The result is an almost fully pigmented sealer coat. Because the pigment does not colour the sealer 100%, when applied thicker or thinner you see different concentrations of pigment and therefore different shades.

Playing with these shades and a secondary metallic floor colour is how you make a superb finish! The skill is mostly in the application of metallic floor coatings and metallic floor sealers, but we are here to help!

Contact us on 01482 778897 for help selecting your metallic floor coating or sealer, or for help with your application! We love to see great results using our products, especially with innovative products such as metallic floor coatings.