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PVA and Metallic Flakes

PVA and Metallic Flakes
  1. MICA Metallic Floor Flakes
    Vuba Metallic Flake Blends (COSMIC Flakes)

    Metallic Flakes for floor coatings or resin systems out of this planet!

    £29.46 (exc VAT)
  2. PVA Flakes
    Vuba Individual PVA Flake Colours (ESSENTIALS Flakes)

    PVA Flakes, Chips or Flecks for Decorative Additives for Floor and Wall Systems!

    £15.90 (exc VAT)
  3. Vuba Metallic and PVA Flake Blends (COSMIC WANDERLUST Flakes)
    Vuba Metallic and PVA Flake Blends (COSMIC WANDERLUST Flakes)

    Perfect Combination of PVA and Metallic Flakes for a Fantastic Floor!

    £43.74 (exc VAT)
  4. Vuba PVA Flake Blends (WANDERLUST Flakes)
    Vuba PVA Flake Blends (WANDERLUST Flakes)

    PVA Flakes for Floor Paint Systems (1kg Blended Flakes)

    £28.40 (exc VAT)

PVA and Metallic Flakes

Welcome to our range of PVA and Metallic Flakes. We have 4 separate ranges of flakes, which we will explain here:

ESSENTIALS: The ESSENTIALS range of PVA Flakes is simply each individual colour of PVA flake that we manufacture, supplied in separate bags. You can use just 1 colour with your project, or mix and match selective colours as you wish!

WANDERLUST: The WANDERLUST Range of Flakes is a blend of different PVA Flakes designed to represent different parts of the world! Why not transform your floor to take you to another destination with our WANDERLUST floor flakes!

COSMIC: The COSMIC Range of Flakes is our metallic flakes! These are the most spectacular, which is why we name them from another galaxy! These metallic flake blends are available in single metallic flakes, or blends creating some fantastic bronze, silver and gold flooring options!

COSMIC WANDERLUST: COSMIC WANDERLUST is the ultimate in floor flake blends. They're a mixture of our PVA and Metallic Flake Blends, and combine to create a wonderful effect on any floor or even wall surface.

And if there's a special flake blend you'd like us to create, then don't hesitate to contact us on 01482 778897.

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