Which Vista Casting Resin is Right for you?

Which Vista Casting Resin is Right for you?

We have 6 products in the Vista Range.

Each is a 2:1 mixing ratio, based on epoxy resin and observes the same basic principles of epoxy resin. You can read more about how epoxy resins behave, here. We would recommend that post if you are planning to work regularly with epoxy casting resins! You can also join our Facebook Forum for more help and advice!

As you go down the list of the products in the Vista Range, the names indicate deeper and deeper bodies of water. This is because each product is suited to deeper and deeper projects! And of course, our resin is water clear!


What is the difference between them? The short answer is the heat generated during the curing process. From top to bottom, the heat generated from each product during the curing process is reduced so that they can be applied at greater depths without overheating. Overheating or 'exotherm' as it is often called causes bubbling, yellowing and distortion of the epoxy. 

Coaty is the fastest curing because it is meant for the thinnest applications. At such a thin application there is little heat generated for the curing process and so a fast curing product is required. At the other end of the spectrum, Mariana is formulated for large river table projects and so must be very slow curing so as to not overheat when applied at greater depths and in a larger volume.
Small Projects
Vista Coaty (0-5mm Depth)
Vista Cascade (5-15mm Depth)

These are two highly popular products for crafters. Coaty is a heat resistant fast curing, viscous (thick) coating resin - great for coating canvasses and river tables, doming coasters and making thin section projects like bookmarks.

Here is Coaty used as a thin coating resin for a wooden board!
Heat Resistant Coating Resin

Cascade is our best seller - and is used for making pieces between 5mm and 15mm - most commonly coasters. Like all of our resins, Cascade is heat resistant and safe for food contact when fully cured.

The most popular use of Cascade is for coasters!
Casting Resin for Coasters

Mid-Range Projects

Vista Stream (10-30mm Depth)
Vista Lake (25-50mm Depth)

Stream and Lake are both versatile, mid-range epoxy casting resins. Stream can be used for coasters, but will be slower curing, and also deeper projects up to 30mm depth.

Stream is an excellent versatile casting resin which can be used for deeper projects of up to 30mm!

Lake is a thin resin which has incredible bubble release and clarity. Lake can be used for larger projects, between 25mm and 50mm depth. We wouldn't recommend to use Lake than 25mm in depth because it will be very slow curing. 

Vista Lake is perfect for medium sized projects, up to 50mm in depth!
Vista Lake

Deep Pours & River Tables
Vista Ocean (Low Volume - Deep Pours)
Vista Mariana (Medium Volume - Deep Pours)

Ocean is capable of application to greater depths, of up to 75mm depth. However, the volume limitation of the Ocean is 75mm length x 75mm width x 75mm in one pour. The volume can be increased significantly if the depth is reduced and the surface area of the project increased – allowing heat to dissipate, therefore reducing the rate of the heat reaction. You do reach a volume limit of 10kg by weight as a result of heast generated during the mixing process of a large quantity of epoxy casting resin.

Vista Ocean is a hugely popular project for everything up to a River Table project in size. 

Mariana is capable of larger applications because it is much slower curing. The maximum volume by weight is 18kg. Mariana is capable of application up to 50mm depth by 150mm width and 2000mm in length. For areas of increased width and length, the depth should be reduced. 

Caution: The temperature of curing epoxy is determined by the ambient temperature plus the exothermic heat generated by its cure. The higher the temperature the faster the cure, until a critical temperature is reached whereby overheating occurs - and you can see cracks, bubbling, yellowing and distortion. For larger projects using Ocean and Mariana the reaction can quickly overheat because of the sheer mass of epoxy involved on larger projects, so it's important to trial these products to ensure you are comfortable. 

Vista Mariana is a very slow reacting resin and so is perfect for larger projects, but still take care. 
Vista Mariana

We hope this helps you in your epoxy casting resin journey! Good luck and make sure you remember to join our forum

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Thank you, 

Sean Scott
Managing Director