Vista Ocean (Deep Pour / Low Mass)

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2 to 1 Epoxy Art Resin supplied in 3kg, 7.5kg kits with 2 parts A and 1 part B

Perfect for making small size furniture pieces, casting of decorative objects

Crystal Clear, UV Stable, Heat Resistant up to 90oC and Manufactured in the UK

Low Odour, No VOC's, Solvent Free and Non-Flammable

As low as £36.99 £44.39

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Commonly Used For:
Turning Wood such as Spheres 
Casting Low Mass Art Projects

Application Thickness:
Ocean is capable of application to greater depths, of up to 75mm depth. We wouldn't recommend pouring at depths below 40mm because the curing process will take a lot longer than desired and this is where problems will occur. Use of Ocean in higher masses at these depths will result in overheating, and we would recommend our Vista Mariana for larger pours. 

Curing Schedule:
We recommend Vista to be cured at 20oC. Curing time is very dependable on the amount of Resin used and heat applied. Vista Ocean is touch dry in 24 Hours and de-mouldable at 48 hours. We would always recommend to trail the product first before creating your final piece. 

It is important with any product for you to trial the resin before application on to project. Not all art resins behave the same. After trialling, you might realise that a different product within the range is more suitable, or that the techniques implemented with alternative resins may have to be adjusted for this particular product.

Mixing Process - Air:
It is important that excessive amounts of air are not introduced during the mixing process. Therefore, we recommend to mix using a handheld stirrer, or slow speed stirrer, taking care to not fold air into the mix. Keep the mixing tool contained within the resin mix throughout the mixing process. 

Mixing Process - Fully Mixed:
Stir through the edge and bottom of the mixing cup as material will settle there. Ideally, pour into a clean mixing cup and mix again until the mixture is streak-free. This ensures that the resin A-component and hardener B-component are completely mixed together. Failure to completely mix the resin will result in streaks contained within the final resin system. 

Exothermix Reaction:
Vista Art Resin cures from an exorthermic reaction. Pour the resin-hardener mixture onto the surface to be coated immediately after mixing, as the product may boil in the mixing cup depending on the system and the amount of substance.


More Information
Alternative Names Art Resin, Casting Resin, Epoxy Resin
Size 3kg, 7.5kg, 15kg, 30kg
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
UV Resistance / Stability UV Resistant (Absorbers, Interruptors & Brighteners included in Formulation)
Gasoline/ Diesel Resistance Chemical Resistant
Minimum Application Temp 15oC (low temperatures will significantly elongate curing times)
Maximum Application Temp 25oC (high temperatures can cause yellowing / excessive bubbles)
Recommended Thickness 30 to 60mm
Curing Schedule Guide De-mould Time: 48 Hours @ 20oC
Brand Vista (Manufactured by Vuba)
Coverage Rate Guidance 1kg per mm per m2
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