Vista Mid Pours

Vista Mid Pours

  1. epoxy finish floor
    Vista Stream (10-30mm Depth) Next Despatch date 25th January

    Stream is a Medium Viscosity (Thickness) Water Clear, Heat Resistant, Epoxy Casting Resin...

    £34.97 (exc VAT)
  2. Resin Flooring
    Vista Lake (25-50mm Depth) Next Despatch date 25th January

    Lake is a Medium Viscosity (Thickness) Water Clear, Heat Resistant, Epoxy Casting Resin f...

    £34.97 (exc VAT)
  3. Art Epoxy Resin
    Vista Ocean (Low Volume Deep Pours) Next Despatch date 25th January

    Ocean is a Low Viscosity (Thickness) Water Clear, Heat Resistant, Epoxy Casting Resin for...

    £34.97 (exc VAT)

Vista Mid Pours

Welcome to our Medium Pours Epoxy Resin Page! 

This is a selection of versatile epoxy casting resins which are capable of curing at depths between 10mm and 50mm. Want to find out more information about how epoxy resins cure, see our blog post here!

We have 3 types of medium pour resin - Stream, Lake and Ocean.

Stream is a low viscosity (thin) resin but is relatively fast curing. Stream can be applied as low as 10mm in depth, albeit slow curing and can go up to 30mm depth. 

Lake is a low viscosity (thin) resin and is water clear up to depths of 50mm (2 inches)! Lake has excellent bubble release, clarity and is fast curing above it's recommended minimum depth of 25mm / 1 inch. 

Ocean is a low viscosity (thin) resin and often used for encapsulations and deep pour applications at a low volume! Ocean benefits from excellent clarity and bubble release! 

Still not sure which is the best epoxy for you? We have a blog post explaining the difference between all of our products, here.

Join the Vista Art Resin Community

We are more than just a leading UK Manufacturer of Casting Resin - We are an Art Resin Community! 

We'd love you to join our welcoming Vista Art Resin Facebook Group, or why not Follow us on Instagram and we can share your work - or be inspired by the fantastic Art Resin work completed every day using Vista Resin. 

We hope you find the casting resin that is perfect for you! If you have any questions feel free to contact our 5* Rated Customer Service Team on 01482 778897 or email

Vista Resin FAQ's

1. Why is your Art Resin so Cheap?

We don't like the word cheap, because the product isn't cheap! We give excellent value. Vista is manufactured using European raw materials only. We use the latest resin technology - HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers), Optical Brighteners, UV Inhibtors, and Odour Diffusers - all processed and manufactured at our factory in East Yorkshire, Beverley.

The reason Vista Art Resin is 30 to 40% cheaper than other products is because we produce those products in-house and you buy them directly. We do not import finished products from Europe or elsewhere; there is no 1, 2 or even 3 middlemen all adding a margin. 

2. Where have you guys been?

Vuba has been manufacturing resin products since 2009. We began producing epoxy resin floor coatings for industrial and commercial markets. We then moved on to Resin Bound Surfacing - becoming one of the leader manufacturers worldwide. More recently we developed the Award Winning and Patented Easihold Stone Binder.

And finally we decided to enter the Epoxy Art Resin market because we had all the equipment, technology and experience in house - and could see that the offerings available in the UK were mostly imported, 3rd party products with highly inflated prices.

It was about time the UK had the opportunity to buy a UK manufactured product at a great price, with a responsive customer service team in place!