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Accelerex is a highly catalysed polyurethane resin, which can be added to the Part A Resin component of resin bound binders to increase the rate of reaction.

Accelerex is supplied in a 600ml container. The addition of Accelerex to the Part A will not begin a reaction. Accelerex will only increase the rate of reaction when the reaction with the Part B curing agent has begun to take place. 

Please see Accelerex Technical Datasheet for addition guidance. 

600ml | Use for approximately 20 Trade Kits
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Valtex Resin and Curing Times:
Valtex Resin is catalysed during the manufacturing process. We have 5 different levels of catalyst addition depending upon the predicted ambient temperature at the time of manufacture. The levels of catalyst addition are as follows:




Summer High


Summer Low


Winter High


Winter Low


Winter Very Low

These are to provide you with a basis of catalyst addition which will be adequate in most circumstances. It is understood that each grade will reach it’s gel time by 6 hours and the time that it will not be adversely affected by rain or frost after approximately 4 hours. In most circumstances, this should be sufficient without the addition of catalyst. 

Curing Schedule:
Precipitation Affected Time = 2-4 Hours
Gel Time = 4-6 Hours
Tack Free = 10-12 Hours
Full Cure = 24 Hours

Based on the correct grade to be used within the given temperature parameters. However, if Winter Very Low is used at a temperature of 20oC for example, the curing profile would be considerably faster and may be unable to be used successfully. 

It must be noted that both the ground temperature and air movement may affect the curing profile beyond the ambient temperature.  

Addition Guidance:

See Technical Datasheet

Using Accelerex:
It may be that the contractor is using a Grade of resin in lower temperatures than anticipated (Winter High in Winter Low Conditions, For Example). Or it may be that a gel time of quicker than 4 hours is required to avoid any risk of damage from precipitation. 

General Guidance:
It is recommended to begin the project with less Accelerex addition than expected, and observe the curing profile. In general, contractors should be gain experience before use of Accelerex. If not extremely familiar with resin surfacing, we would recommend you to simply avoid laying resin bound in low temperatures or when there is a risk of rain or frost before the resin system has had chance to reach it’s gel time. 

Retarded Curing Times:
Please note that at lower temperatures the rate of cure will slow considerably, and stop altogether below 5oC, awaiting temperatures to rise again before the curing process will be able to continue. Therefore, the times given above may deviate. 

When to Add:
Accelerex is added to the Part A of the Valtex Resin Binder during the mixing process. It is possible to pre-fill your Part A's because the reaction will only begin when the Part A is mixed with the Part B. 

Guidance Notes:
Ensure to add the exact right amount as determined by the Technical Datasheet and take care to have continuity over the course of the project. It may be that you increase the quantity of accelerator as the project progresses. 

Experience Required:
Excessive amounts of Accelerex can significantly reduce the working time of the resin bound kit and so care should be taken to use when appropriate. Contact our Technical Team for further advice. 

Safety Datasheets


More Information
Alternative Names Catalyst, Resin Catalyst
Size 600ml with a Syringe
UV Resistance / Stability UV Stable
Minimum Application Temp 5oC
Maximum Application Temp 25oC
Curing Schedule Guide Temperature Dependent
Brand Vuba
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